Especially Toward Those Who May Try Your Patience

With tender humility and quiet patience, always demonstrate gentleness and generous love toward one another, especially toward those who may try your patience. Ephesians 4:2

I am moved to recall this verse from Ephesians many, many times during the week. I must constantly remind myself: “Be patient, be patient, be patient.” Why, oh why do so many things try my patience?

I usually try to post upbeat, encouraging articles, extolling the virtues of kindness, gratitude, and love.  In this post, I am going to do the opposite. Run for the hills while there is still time. Here are five from my long list of pet peeves.

 1.  Chicken Pot Pie

This is chicken pie.

Meditations in Motion

This is chicken pot pie.

Meditations in Motion

Chicken pie consists of chicken, gravy and vegetables between two flaky crusts; chicken pot pie is made in a pot. It’s a chicken stew with potatoes, chicken, egg noodles, and maybe some cut up celery and shredded carrots. Both are delicious, but only one is made in a pot.

2. Lang-kiss-tur

Meditations in Motion

The county that I live in is pronounced lang-kiss-tur, not laaaan-kas-tur. You say the l-a-n in Lancaster like the beginning of the word “lanky“, not the beginning of “land“. Natives of Lancaster County get pretty touchy on the subject. There are even educational posters and T-shirts available to inform tourists how to pronounce the name of the county and city like a native.

Meditations in Motion

3. Hello!

If you and I are passing each other on a bike path while running or walking, chances are we will come within two feet of each other. It is common courtesy that we should acknowledge each other. Please don’t act like you don’t see me. If you are too tired to wave, a nod, a grunt, or even a smile will suffice.

One summer I encountered an older gentleman who regularly passed me on the bike path near my house every day. I was running, he was walking. After being snubbed on several occasions, I made it my mission to get him to acknowledge me. I worked on him all summer, smiling my sweetest smile and giving him a cheery wave. I wore him down. He began saying “Good morning” to me. I won!

Meditations in Motion

4.  Chewing gum

Everything about it is disgusting. People cracking it, chewing it with their mouths open, and, especially, discarding it on the sidewalk make me grit my teeth. There is even a chewing gum wall in Seattle. I am not making this up. It’s a brick wall in an alley that thousands of people have stuck their used gum onto. It’s now a tourist attraction. We came upon it accidentally, while strolling around the town. It is completely repulsive. There is even a page on Wikipedia devoted to the Seattle Gum Wall.


Meditations in Motion

5.  Group texts.

I don’t mind being included in a group text. I understand how much more convenient it is to invite six couples to a get-together with one text, rather than multiple messages. The thing that drives me crazy is all the subsequent texts. I know that my age-group peers did not grow up with cell phones, but, really? Send an individual text rather than reply to everyone. The responses can last for hours.
We’ll be there!
What can we bring?
I’m bringing a salad.
We will be a little late.
Can we bring my sister?

The last one was me, driven to distraction by all the notifications on my phone.

I know that if these are the problems I have to complain about, I am fortunate beyond all measure. These, by any standards, are small potatoes. Thank you for letting me get these off my chest. Now it’s your turn. C’mon, you can tell me.

What are your pet peeves? Tell me in the comment section.

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  1. This post made me smile because we all have pet peeves. The chewing gum definitely is one of mine. Nothing worse than hearing the chomping and sound of saliva. No there is, watching someone chomping and salivating while in conversation 🙂

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  2. Judging people before you know their story. I’m glad number 3 made this list. I think it’s just rude when people do that, but then again, I don’t know their story; which just make this whole thing hard sometimes! Thanks for sharing, Laurie. Blessings to you.

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  3. I am in the South and chicken pie does not have vegetables in it. It is chicken, gravy, and it’s in a pie pan. Chicken Pot Pie is considered to be more chicken, less gravy, and with vegetables! So if you’re ever down here you will be so annoyed I take it! LOL Way to go on getting that gentleman to acknowledge your being! That drives me nuts as well! Have a most wonderful day!

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  4. I enjoyed reading about your pet peeves, some of which I share. Most of mine are grammar mistakes. The most irritating is this one. People say, “She brought gifts for you and I.” Really? Listen to yourself! Would you say “She brought gifts for I?” Grrr!

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  5. Sorry, I’m a gum chewer. I like the minty freshness. I’ll try to just suck on it if I’m around you 🙂 LOL about the chicken pie. You better tell Swanson to change their packaging. Totally agree about group texts and I try to respond only to the sender and then delete the rest of the convo. Also agree with the acknowledgement as you pass someone, especially if it is more than once. Nice post!

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  6. All good pet peeves!
    One of my more recent ones is when I hear people talking (mostly younger ones) and every other word is ‘like’. I guess it’s similar to the filler ‘you know’. Once you hear it you can’t not hear it! Ugh!

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  7. Laurie, you made me grin. 🙂 Yes, those pet peeves . . . we all have them. I share you gum one and group texts. I also get frustrated by drivers who are rude intentionally. Who shut you out when your lane is ending. By those who tailgate me. And by my sons’ backtalk. I’m having to learn to not respond to everything they say. But, man, is it hard!

    Fun post!

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    • Rude drivers is a good one. That would probably be my hubby’s, too. I have 3 boys. Backtalk used to set my teeth on edge! Glad I made you smile. Thank you, Jeanne! 🙂


  8. I’m not sure there is room for a list of things that annoy me. Selective hearing is at the top of the list, whiny, bored children with everything and nothing to do. People who talk while you do so you know they’re not listening. i have learned to ignore a lot of it, patience has to have perfect work. No wonder the fruit of the Spirit starts with loves and ends in self control.

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  9. Waiters who pretend not to see you when you’re trying to flag them down (I waited tables for years in my starving artist days, so I know it’s entirely possible to say, “I’ll be right with you as soon as I can,” no matter how busy you are. Robo calls of any nature, unless it’s some emergency alert system. People who cannot take the tenth or twentieth hint that it’s past time for the conversation to come to an end. On that note, people who don’t know when it’s time to leave. People who can’t keep a secret (assuming they’re over the age of twelve). People who have horrid, hostile, untrained little dogs that they don’t bother to control (lots of those in my neighborhood, and I’m a dog lover!). People who assume you think the way they do.

    And until recently, my dishwasher. But then it died, so we got a new one. So, yay.

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    • All entirely justified. I waited tables for years when my kids were little. Hubby worked by day and I worked at night. We handed the kids off as we passed each other at the door! I know you see people trying to get your attention. No reason to ignore patrons.

      Your comment about people who cannot take the 10th or 20 hint reminded me of a student I had in class 2 years ago. He was somewhere on the autistic spectrum, so he had a valid reason, but he did not know how to recognize when a conversation was over. I had him last period of the day and he would always want to stay and talk. I finally worked out a system that I would nod my head and say “OK” when the conversation was over. He nodded back and repeated “OK”, and walk away. 🙂


  10. Great post Laurie – the chicken pie looks delicious and I wouldn’t mind a piece of it right now. I’m originally from Canada, in fact I’m still a Canadian citizen. You can always tell a true Canadian by the fact that they refer to the City of Toronto as “Toronno” deliberately leaving out the last “T”. You and I already commented on another blog post about people on the walking or running trail not acknowledging your presence and it drives me crazy as well. I want to say that it is just common courtesy to acknowledge someone’s presence, not cast your eyes to the ground. I’m not saying a man should doff his hat and say “good morning miss or madame” but little common courtesy goes a long way. I gave up gum and candy many years ago, and so the former gum habit is broken. I have TMJ which sounds horrid when my jaw cracks, but I have none of the synptoms like headaches, or jaw aches, it just cracks when I open my mouth wide. I was at the dentist this morning for a teeth cleaning and both the dentist and hygienist always remark on the loud clicking noise. I don’t have a smartphone so I don’t text, except via my computer, but I can see how that could be annoying!

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    • I love chicken pie and chicken pot pie. I actually think the chicken pot pie thing is a local interpretation just for the county I live in (Lang-kiss-tur!). My knee sometimes clicks when I bend it. Not sure if that is the same thing as your jaw or not.
      No smartphone??? Is that even allowed in this day and age??? 🙂

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      • That chicken pie looked delicious Laurie. My mom used to make a meat pie with ground round, onions and peas. She’d cook up the ingredients, stuff it in the pastry dough and had individual ceramic dishes that she baked them in and made a gravy on the side. I am not a good cook and I wouldn’t even attempt to make this, but they were so delicious.

        My TMJ is a misaligned jaw is what they tell me. I never had it until I got braces and had braces on my teeth for three years and got them when I was 20 years old. People with TMJ suffer horribly with pain in their jaw and bad headaches and I have none of those issues, so I don’t chew gum anymore and cut up apples … I think that is the only thing I’d be opening wide for … except the dentist and it clicks like crazy every time I open wide for the dentist and hygienist.

        As to the phone, I had a very small phone for years – got it in 2002 and it was about the size of a deck of cards, if not smaller. It was a Nokia … it never gave me a bit of trouble, but I really kept it for emergencies and it did not have text capabilities. But, AT&T told me I had to upgrade to a 3G phone as they no longer supported 2G phones. I decided to get a smartphone. It was not elaborate, not a Samsung or an iPhone, just a AT&T basis smartphone. It never operated right – it would drop calls and I learned to text on it, and it would drop texts, and constantly said it had no space/memory. I decided if I needed it in an emergency it would not be much good, so I just got a flip phone. I work from home, and rarely use a phone … I carry it with me when I walk for safety and I have OnStar emergency service for my car. I actually have to call myself once or twice a week to run the phone, so I can recharge the battery. And I haven’t learned to text on it, but I only text from my computer anyway. Yes, i am a dinosaur.

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  11. The people that don’t acknowledge you is definitely a pet peeve of mine. And I don’t have unlimited anything on my phone, so I mostly decline the group texts — which means I’m on the fringe of the group but c’est la vie, I guess.

    Another one is people who pay no attention to their dogs while out walking them (especially the ones on retractable leashes that are out so far you don’t even think they’re on leash!). Or the ones that don’t pick up after their dogs. 😦

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  12. Lately what’s been driving me crazy is when I’m out on a run and I’ll see people scrolling through pages on their phones. I have no problem with people listening to music on their phones when they’re out or actually talking on their phones, but scrolling through websites while they’re supposed to be on a walk is just not right! I feel like screaming, “Put down your phone and enjoy nature!”

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  13. I must say that I agree on pretty much all of this. The gum wall in Seattle is disgusting and everytime friends are in town they want to visit it. Visiting from #WorthBeyondRubies

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  14. 1 – I’m York County born and bred and have always called both chicken pot pie though if someone says it I automatically think of “our” version and not the pies. I don’t like either by the way.

    2 – I dated a York County native who said Lancaster wrong and I used to freak out on him all the time; I’m like you live here, you know better! I lived in Scranton for a few years and worked for Bank of America. We received calls from all over the country and apparently there’s a Lancaster, California where they do call it “Land-caster” and I pronounced it “our” way and was promptly corrected!

    3 – I find that bicyclists on the trail tend to be the most rude with not acknowledging me, at least the “serious” ones as opposed to the casual riders. Nearly all runners I pass do a head nod at minimum and I will at least smile even if I’m tired.

    5 – OMG I AGREE. My aunts are heck for this. The other year a friend was texting me pretty upset about some issues and I was trying to console her and I kept getting interrupted with obnoxious group texts from family who I was going to see that evening! I nicely asked them to stop responding to all and they all started making fun of me saying I was a party pooper. No, I just don’t want my phone blown up!

    Other pet peeves… people who litter, people who don’t keep their dogs on leashes/behind fences especially the ones who assume that everyone loves dogs (I don’t care if you yell to me “Oh he’s friendly”, I’m not a dog person and they scare me), people who take an hour to make a turn off a street, people who bring children under the age of 5 to non-kid movies… I’m sure I could come up with more but that’s all off the top of my head for now!

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    • Maybe the whole opt pie thing is a Lang-kiss-tur County thing! 🙂

      I’m with you on the bicyclists thing. Runners seem much friendlier.

      After my middle son read this he initiated a group test with my other kids and their spouses and included me. They were texting ALL EVENING just to annoy me! 🙂
      With you on the dog one too. I was bitten by a leashed dog one time when I was running!

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    • After this post was published my middle son started a group text that included all of my kids and their spouses plus my hubby. They kept texting for HOURS just to annoy me! 😀


  15. I really liked your #3. I work as a reading specialist in a primary school and my morning “duty” is to sign in parents. I must say “good morning” hundreds of times a day. I acknowledge everyone. It is important! Thanks for linking up today!

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  16. I’d have to agree with passing someone and they don’t acknowledge you. It’s really annoying when it’s someone you KNOW. We are all becoming so busy, it’s like we have the right to be rude. 😦

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  17. I feel you name pain. When I moved to PA, I asked how to say things correctly – growing up in Hawai’i means no one says your words correctly. Even worse when they purposely mispronounce it to be a jerk. #DreamTeam

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  18. Oh I have a list that must be twice as long, Laurie! I suppose even the kindest of us get annoyed sometimes. Gum is a huge pet peeve of mine! I only chew it occasionally if I don’t have access to a toothbrush and need fresh breath immediately. But then I only chew it for about 60 seconds than quickly and discreetly dispose of it in the proper receptacles! I am forever stepping in other people’s gum and I get so angry! And a huge pet peeve…brace yourself for this one…because it will push you over the edge for certain…my father in law is always removing his shoes when he enters my house and placing them SOLES DOWN on either my coffee table, my dining room table, or my kitchen counter! And I seem to be the only one in this family who is completely disgusted by this action! Enough said! This post will be featured on tomorrow’s #SpreadTheKindness Link Up!


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  19. hehe I love that you won the old man over, it’s funny sometimes like when a car lets me in and I wave or we walk past a stranger on a track and I say hi, my kids say mummy do you know them? They haven’t quite understood yet lol. I agree chewing gum is pretty disgusting especially when it is then discarded on the footpath and I have stood on it! Group texts can be handy for sure, when they are short sweet and to the point, but when it becomes an ongoing conversation I am out of there. My daughter is funny, the other day she said one of her friends added her to a group chat and she responded with “I am available from 9 to 5, feel free to private message if it is an emergency” all her friends thought it was hilarious. Thanks for being part of #AbloggingGoodTime

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