How to Catch Pennies From Heaven


Today was one of those bright blue January days that calls you to go outside. So I went. That’s why I am smiling! We have a rail trail about 2 miles from our house.  I wanted to do a few easy miles there, and out-and-back run.

I like to look around when I run, and I like to think that I am observant, so when I saw a Christmas decoration in a tree close to the turn around point, I stopped to check it out.


There were no houses nearby, so I assumed that some passerby hung it up there for people on the trail to enjoy. I resumed my run, and turned around to go back to my car.  Then I saw another one.


And another.


And another.  Soon I was seeing them everywhere.  I had run past dozens of them on the way out and missed them completely! 

It makes me wonder what else I am missing! Am I running past flocks of passenger pigeons perching on the phone wires, unicorns rather than Holsteins in the fields, comets streaking by on my night runs?

How many times do I have to remind myself to pay attention? If heaven is throwing pennies at me, I want to catch them!


  1. Hi Laurie – thanks for coming by my site. I’m a runner, too, though I’m veering off to the cycling rabbit hole lately. All those shinny toys! I DO like your post about stopping to look. I catch myself always ‘training.’ For what? Sometimes I put the watch and iphone away ad just run and promise myself that I will stop and look at anything interesting. It’s a good switch.

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    • Loved the philosophy of the French Doctor too! I know what you mean about training. I need the reminder to put the watch away also. Thanks for the comment!


  2. I’m playing blog catch up – missed a bunch when I was in Florida, then my computer died. This cracked me up!
    There is someone who puts Moravian stars in the Pinetown covered bridge at Christmas, and like you, I noticed the beautiful stars on the way home… after completely missing them on the way out. I am going to start looking for those unicorns. 🙂


    • After the first time we ran Ukrop’s I asked Bill if he minded running on the bricks. He said “Bricks?” I told him that we ran on them for about a mile total, some at the beginning and some at the end of the race. I had to show him a race picture of him running on bricks for him to believe me!

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