The Best Way to Spend a Rest Day


For those of you expecting an article about running, you can stop reading right now, because today is a rest day for me.  Ain’t no running happening today!

Does this picture get your attention? The cupcake sure got mine! I was trying to get some work done on the computer, but this cupcake kept calling my name. I bought some cupcakes earlier in the day for a friend’s birthday, and for some reason that I now cannot fathom, I bought an extra one for myself. Why did I do that? Just when I was weakening and about to go eat the cupcake, the app that I had opened sent up a message that said  an update was needed, which required a restart.  I thought the universe was sending me a message, so I decided to get out of the house, away from temptation, and take my dog for a walk while the computer completed the necessary task. Today is a rest day for me (no running), and I am always a little restless on rest days.


I grabbed the leash and some poo bags and went down to the meadow below my house. No one is happier than my dog Benji that I am now home during the day. Benji used to be my son’s dog.  When he and his wife went to the hospital to have their baby, my husband and I told them that we would watch their dog.  Here is a picture of the baby now.


And we still have the dog!

What Benji and I found in the meadow was very disheartening for me. It was a dead duck. Let me explain. Two days ago at dusk I was walking Benji in the meadow. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something powerful rising. It was a red tailed hawk ascending from the ground. These hawks are usually only on the ground if they are sick or if they have some prey. The hawk landed on a nearby tree, so I went to the spot where he had risen from. I saw a freshly killed mallard duck. Much to the dog’s disappointment, I turned and quickly walked the other way. Predators like hawks usually exist on a pretty thin food margin, especially in winter. I didn’t want the duck to go to waste because I had disturbed the hawk’s dinner, and I definitely didn’t want the hawk to go hungry.  I hoped the hawk went back and retrieved the duck. Apparently, he didn’t. I was heartsick and guilty.


I continued my walk. At the end of the meadow you can either turn around and retrace your steps, or you can duck under the fence and continue walking around raspberry canes and wildflowers (all dead now) until you come to a power line cut. I decided to keep going. As I neared the power line, I heard the unmistakable scream of a red tailed hawk, froze in place, then looked up. There were two hawks. One was in a tree, the other on the electrical tower. They were most certainly together. After watching them a few minutes one lifted off, then the other did too, and both flew into the woods. Red tailed hawks are monogamous and mate for life. I hope that these hawks will nest here in the woods behind my house. Next month their nesting season will begin. I hope that one of them is the one I scared away from the duck, and I hope he is OK. So many hopes.

I turned around to go home. Benji reluctantly followed. He is always opposed to returning from a walk unless it is very cold, and his paws bother him. When we got back to the house, I gave Benji a treat. I think I will save the cupcake for my husband.




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