February Runfessions

Hello, friends. Welcome to another edition of Runfessions, the monthly link-up hosted by Marcia’s Healthy Slice where we share our running transgressions and receive absolution from faithful readers. Step into the runfessional and let us begin.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Meditations in Motion

The shoes on the right are Nike Air Pegasus road shoes and the ones on the left are the trail version of the same shoe.

You would think that my trail shoes would be a muddy mess and my road shoes would be relatively clean, but you would be wrong. It’s just the opposite.

Let me explain.

Even though I have been running trails for over five years, being bitten late in life by the trail-running bug, I have never owned a pair of trail shoes until now. I ran all my trail races in an old pair of road shoes.

Slipping and sliding through 16 miles on the mud-and-snow-covered trails of Phunt (my favorite trail race) in January 2019 convinced me to finally buy a pair of trail shoes.

The Phunt trails did not have enough snow cover to warrant using Yak Trax, but just enough to make the footing very treacherous at many locations, especially when wearing low-traction road shoes.

It took almost a year to finally get myself to my favorite running store to actually purchase trail shoes and when I went, they did not have the type I was looking for. Reluctantly, I purchased a pair from a huge sporting goods store nearby.

This year, armed with my new trail shoes, conditions for Phunt were perfect, of course, unless you like to run on snow, ice, and mud-covered trails (most trail runners consider that ideal conditions). My new trail shoes, therefore, still look brand new, even after I ran a 25k in them.

I need to look for some spring trail races, where I hope to find some mud, to really break in the trail shoes. I can’t be seen in pristine shoes while running trails.

My trail running cred would be called into question.

Prepare to get wet.

Meditations in Motion

It has been a soggy, warm month here in southeastern Pennsylvania, more like March or even April than February.

When a friend phoned recently to ask advice about clothing options for an upcoming trail race, another 25k, the forecast called for temperatures topping out in the high 50s and showers interspersed with occasional downpours.

Three-plus hours is a long time to be wet, but wearing a rain jacket, or even a light poncho in those conditions at that temperature would be uncomfortably warm, I thought.

After waffling back and forth for a while, I told my friend “Wear a hat with a brim to keep the raindrops out of your eyes and prepare to be wet. Bring a towel and a complete change of clothes for afterward

That advice may not have been what she wanted to hear, but it was the best I could come up with.

Meditations in MotionIt reminded me of the time my hubby Bill and I ran a 25k under similar conditions. I was so cold and wet after hours of running in the rain, I fantasized for the last 10 miles of the race about changing into the dry clothes I had brought in a drop bag.

The only dry shelter, however, was an open pavilion stuffed with wet runners who had just finished the race. The porta-potties leaked and were a swampy mess.

I do have some modesty; I was not comfortable stripping down to my undies in front of 400 other wet, muddy trail runners.

My gallant hubby finally held up a beach towel to shield me as I changed out of all my wet clothes in our dry car. That warm, dry sweatshirt never felt as good against my skin as it did that day.

Thank you for joining me for my February Runfessions.

I will not be Runfessing next month. Bill and I will be in Morocco on the last Friday in March. I am not taking my laptop on the trip, so I will not be blogging for about two weeks. I hope to see you back for my next Runfession on the last Friday in April.

Until then, Happy Trails! Or roads, whichever you prefer.










  1. I bought trail shoes this winter–I felt like running a 25k required something more stable than my running shoes. It turns out that it was a good thing–they’re great in the snow too!

    Have a great time in Morocco!

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  2. I use my road shoes for the trails as well! I have perfectly good trail shoes looking nearly as clean and new as yours. I should really get into the habit of using them.
    Yay for a dry set of clothes!

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  3. LOL on your shoes. My running shoes were a wreck after running through mud in the dark on Wednesday. I should have #runfessed that I washed them off in the gym locker room sink. Since I wear glasses I struggle running in the rain — unless it’s light enough for a brim to keep my glasses dry!

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    • Oh, so funny! You washed them in the locker room sink!?!? Hubby struggles with glasses in the rain too. A ball cap with a brim helps keep the rain off of his glasses.


    • I hate to be hot during a run! I know I am good if I am cold before the race starts. If I am comfortable before the race, I will be too hot once I start running.


  4. One of my friends went to Morocco a few years ago & really loved it. Enjoy!

    My first trail half wasn’t downpours, thankfully, but it was on & off showers and in the upper 40s. I did not wear a raincoat. I actually even wore a skirt . . and survived. 🙂

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  5. Oh, your trip sounds fun! My go-to outfit in those 50/60 temps with rain is a short-sleeved tech shirt and a windbreaker (to keep the rain out). Sometimes I might wear thin arm sleeves to avoid the “stickiness” from sweaty arms. Like anything, it’s an individual comfort thing so there’s no prefect answer for everyone 😉

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  6. You’re such a brave woman Laurie! I really dislike being cold & wet! It’s not an enjoyable thing to do at all, so I won’t be joining you on any runs. Lol!

    You must be getting rather excited about your trip! 😀

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      • I remember you had wavered over getting them … I am sure our Winter next year will be up to its usual standards and you’ll get plenty of wear out of them then Laurie.

        Our snow disappeared off the streets and I went to the Park to walk this morning – ugh; they had not plowed the path and it was icy and dicey so I just walked alongside the path in the snow. That usually works for me, but we had freezing rain and that snow was icy on top. I did one mile in the 8 degree “real feel” – a couple of squirrels only, so I’ll try again tomorrow – it warmed up and some ice in my driveway has melted. I am on the shady side of the street – the porch, and in front of the garage are the last items to melt.

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      • Oh, wow! That sounds treacherous. You are a brave soul for walking! We haven’t had much snow to speak of this winter but Bill and I did a long run today and it was windy and COLD! Usually, I warm up as I run but not today. The actual temperature was close to 40, but it felt much colder because of the wind.

        I hope tomorrow (today) is a better day for walking!

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      • Yes, it was not nice at all and I walked in the snow which was not so great either. I went back today and the sun had melted some of the ice, but not all of it, and the snow was still there. We are warming up in the 40s tomorrow and rain most of the day and tonight, so hopefully it will melt the ice and be okay for Tuesday. It is not worth taking a chance on. We have had more ice storms than snow storms this Winter – we go from brutal temps (like last Thursday and Friday) to above-average temps in the course of one day – bizarre weather for sure!

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