This Is How I Roll

Meditations in MotionI’m borrowing this idea from Donna at RunningToTravel and Tracy at The Writing Runner.  They got the idea from the back page of Runners’ World magazines.  Every month, Runners’ World interviews a runner and asks them to sum up their running preferences. Mine are in red:

Wave                Nod

Heart Rate       Feel

Lead                 Follow

PR                     Finish (1)

Stride               Glide

Athleisure       Sweats

Gel                    Chews (2)

Hat                    Gloves

Morning          Night

Swift (3)           Strong

Struggle           Slay

Hot  (4)              Cold

Low Socks       Tall Socks

Shoe Store       Online

Uphill                Downhill

5k (5)                Half Marathon

GPS                   Naked

Stop                 Go

Start                 Finish

Heel                  Toe

Calves              Quads

Headphones    Inner Voices (6)

Bagel                  Banana

Treadmill         Frostbite

Medal               T-shirt

Warm Up         Cool Down (7)

Distance          Time

400s                  Hills

  1. I am past the point in my running career where a PR is a possibility. for most races, I am happy just to finish.
  2. I don’t eat gels or chews. I try not to eat anything that contains ingredients my grandmother wouldn’t recognize and neither gels nor chews fit that description. My go-to snack when I run long distances is a mixture of salted almonds and dried apricots.
  3. The shorter the race, typically the better my performance. A marathon is my “worst” distance.
  4. I love summer running. Bring on the heat and humidity. I know many of you will disagree but I feel fantastic after a good sweat.
  5. 5K is my favorite distance. It was the first distance I ever raced and it is still my barometer for fitness.
  6. Ummm…kind of the whole premise of this blog is that I listen to my interior monologue when I run.
  7. I am ashamed to admit that I don’t do either. I know, I know…it’s bad.

How about it? How do you roll?


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  1. A fun post, Laurie! I get it on the categories. My favourite food of all time was some pretzels someone handed out towards the end of the Hawaii marathon. I should never have started this marathon, since I began with an injury. At 8k I was already partially limping. Even the last few k were a maybe. Then “the pretzels” from a stranger. Salt, carbs, kindness……..fortified me and gave me that final push. Completion. Gruelling. Never again. 🙂

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    • Oh, yes…pretzels would be good to eat too. At the Berlin marathon they gave out tea that was lightly sweetened and it was the best tasting drink I ever had! Oh, no! Limping at 8k of a marathon is a bad sign! Good for you for finishing!

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      • The Berlin marathon would have been amazing! Lightly sweetened tea is a new one. I get it. It is something we will never forget. Still unsure about our Half Corked Marathon. We have a new date set for us in September and we booked a place to stay. So far, I am hearing smaller groups/events of 50 may be allowed starting in the Summer. Everyone is unsure and taking it day by day. Ultimately, we want everyone to stay safe and healthy.

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  2. what a fun idea for you all runners to take this idea from Runners’ World interviews.
    Years ago – we used to have copies of Runners’ World around.. I am a walker and yogi – but love to hear about the running world so the list was interesting for me

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  3. Oh, I like this format!
    Agree with you on the chews, gels and other artificial stuff 😉
    But I don’t like 5Ks at all – I prefer the half-marathon distance, haha!

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  4. I don’t like cold, but I loathe heat & humidity even more!

    Running is not natural to me. So not a by feel person, although I’m always working on that. I always wear my watch, but I only look at it to notice where my HR is at.

    I do us Honestinger chews, but otherwise, I tend to make my own “fuel” (which is usually very plain cookies . . . because, even plain a cookie is a cookie).

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  5. Thanks for the reference! I have to admit, I’m surprised by some of your answers. I would have thought you were more of a long-distance runner. I was also surprised that you like running in the heat.

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  6. This was a fun read, Laurie! I always liked reading that page in RW…only I seldom read RW anymore. Which reminds me, I got an email about renewing, so I’m going to try to cancel it (again). I attempted to cancel it a year ago, and the website wouldn’t let me in to do anything.First world probs!

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    • I seldom read RW anymore either. Too many ads! I had the same problem. There is no way to contact RW concerning your subscription. I tried everything. I forget how I finally got out of my subscription.


  7. I would’ve never suspected that you don’t warm up or cool down! My dad doesn’t really do either but I’ve been encouraging him to stretch his calves after runs since he’s had a bad shin splint issue. If I don’t warm up my knees usually ache during runs due to tight hips. Sometimes I rush a cool down (which is more of a stretch-down… I’m not one of those who tends to run after a race to cool down) but I usually pay for it later, so I try to stay consistent and have done more foam rolling after running as well.

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  8. Almonds and apricots – I like dried apricots but have steered away from almonds in a trail mix-type treat as I am afraid they’ll be bad for my teeth – I have two crowns in the lower teeth … (replacements for cavities that were getting old – how I got cavities, who knows as I was not allowed to eat candy and had that awful fluoridation teeth painting done when I was a kid). As a walker, I never take along anything with me – I try not to take bottled water, even though I have a shoulder strap holster for it, just so I don’t have as much to carry with the camera (and often peanuts or seeds).

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    • I use the almonds mostly as a way to get some salt. I don’t like to carry anything either. When I go on longer runs, especially in the summertime, I usually take water or Gatorade but I only take food along for runs more than 13 miles. A lot of runners use chews or gels but I can’t stomach them. Gels – no way! I can’t eat Jello either. The texture turns me off! 🙂

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      • I remember you mentioned that gel one time – I didn’t know they had such a thing. I usually wait til I get home, but walking does not burn as many calories, not do I go as many miles as you do in your runs.

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  9. What a great idea. I’ll have to give this type of post a try. Most of these things I don’t even give much thought to anymore.
    I always wear my watch, 24×7! It’s the only watch I own.
    I love the heat and for some strange reason I like hills.
    It will be fun to look over the list and think about my preferences.

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    • My hubby just got me a GPS watch for Mother’s Day. So far, I love it. Why did I wait so long to get one? Looking forward to reading your post, Andy.


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