Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Meditations in Motion

I bought Advent calendars for my grandsons last month. I can remember when I was a child, how opening one door each morning helped ease the terrible tension of waiting for Christmas Day.

Fast forward 20 years; I was pregnant twice during Advent. My middle son was due in December, born in January and my youngest son was due in November, born in December. It simply took me longer than nine months to grow a baby. It seemed then like the pregnancies would go on forever, like the waiting to finally hold my babies would be never-ending and I would spend the rest of my life nine months pregnant.

All of those times of waiting during Advent had a definite end; Christmas comes each year on December 25, and I did eventually deliver healthy babies. My pregnancies did not last forever.

There are many times, however, when our waiting is open-ended. We long for someone to love but remain lonely, we anticipate a reconciliation with estranged family members but isolation persists, we hope for a child but cannot conceive. We wait for grace. We wait for faith.

Even though Christmas movies make it seem like our waiting will be rewarded, in real life, sometimes our desires are unfulfilled.

God does not promise all of our longings will be realized, in fact, He tells us the opposite: “Not as the world gives do I give to you.

Waiting is hard, ask any pregnant woman. It’s not sexy. It takes discipline and courage to wait gracefully. Waiting does not pack the same emotional punch as the celebration of arrival.

The word “advent” means “coming“, though, not “waiting“. God is coming to where we are right now. It doesn’t matter if you are a faithless overachiever too busy to appreciate a loving family, a broken and frightened immigrant searching in vain for a safe place to call home, a childless woman grieving her fifth miscarriage, or a young parent who is ashamed for losing her temper with her toddler again, God will seek you out,  imperfections and all.

God is present in each of our lives. He is here now. We do not wait without anticipating an end to our waiting. For all of us standing by for hope and light, for justice and peace on earth, for love and compassion, for comfort and joy, let the celebration begin.

God can enter our hearts right now. Let’s welcome Him in.

O come, O come, Emmanuel“.


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  1. I remember my Advent calendars. Looked forward to it each day for that sliver of chocolate. Now the marketers have discovered them.

    It’s a good thought. There’s waiting and there’s arriving. One doesn’t necessarily follow the other.

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    • When I was a kid my Advent calendar just had a picture inside – no chocolate! I still loved them. Yes, waiting and coming are definitely not the same thing.


  2. “For all of us standing by for hope and light, for justice and peace on earth, for love and compassion, for comfort and joy, let the celebration begin.”

    I love this and your call to not wait and welcome Him in now. I will take this with me for the remainder of the Christmas season and beyond.

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  3. Loved this >> “It takes discipline and courage to wait gracefully.” Having waited upon babies to arrive, I agree. I am grateful God is always with us in the wait and arrives in the fullness of time, which is always right on time. Blessings to you and yours, Laurie!

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  4. Laurie,
    I had a “slow cooker oven” as well. My daughter was three weeks late and my son 8 days. LOL. It struck me how “Advent” means coming. It’s the assurance that Christ comes no matter what the circumstances. Some seasons of waiting may remain unfulfilled, but our waiting on the Lord is always rewarded with His loving presence. That gives us hope in all our seasons of waiting. O come Emmanuel!
    Bev xx

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    • Ha! I didn’t understand what you meant at first! All of my kids were at least 2 weeks late. Even now, they are pretty pokey! Yes, Christ comes no matter what state the world is in. Blessings to you, Bev.


  5. What a lovely idea to give advent calendars to your grandkids. I’ll have to remember that for next year. 🙂 Advent is about coming, not waiting. Excellent. (And it’s easier to wait when we know the deadline for the coming.)

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  6. Oh I remember waiting for what seemed like forever for my boys to be born; and yet they weren’t that far past my due date. I think it was just that anticipation of knowing what I had been waiting for for so long was near!

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  7. I’ll bet the grandsons are enjoying their Advent calendars. I remember I had one years ago that we got at a German butcher shop that featured a lot of German novelties, and chocolates, especially foil-wrapped ones that you could hang on your Christmas tree, (not to mention the wonderful rustic Dimpflmeier bread they carried). Your post is spot on for this time of year, or for anyone who has suffered through waiting for a holiday, a diagnosis after a lump is detected, or a baby to arrive. But, as the saying goes, “good things come to those who wait.”

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    • The grandsons are enjoying the Advent calendars. They slept over at our house last weekend and the oldest one sneaked some chocolates that were supposed to be for later in the month. That stinker! The German teacher at our school used to sell them for a fundraiser every year. This year I just bought them at the grocery store. So true – “good things come to those who wait.”

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  8. Oh, how hard the waiting is. I think it’s the open ended waiting that feels the hardest to bear. I’m learning to look for God in the waiting. It’s not easy, but He is always there.

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  9. I have one January baby, my first, the rest are all summer born, so I’d be getting test results around Christmas time…more waiting. I do love Advent though, the build up to Christmas is so special. People may think it’s all about the one day and the gift exchanges, but I always feel the waiting before is so much better. x

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  10. I think for children as long as you don’t start the season to early anticipation is fun for them.
    I remember bring in early labour with my first child on Christmas eve, sadly the labour stopped and I was sent home again.
    We have too many of us born in November.
    We had one advent calendar between four of us as children and took it in turns opening the doors.

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  11. I feel my whole life is just about waiting for others, my children, husband etc. I’m always ‘just there’ in their eyes, they don’t realise that my life is lived around being there for them when they want me to be part of it

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