Runfessions – Black Friday Edition

Hello and welcome to our monthly Runfessions with Marcia’s Healthy Slice. In this confessional, we repent of our running sins and receive absolution from fellow runners (and other interested parties). Thank you for joining me, now let’s runfess.

Meditations in Motion
Another “quality” selfie of Hubs and me

I runfess I haven’t been writing much about running lately. I don’t know why. Since the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of October, I have been running the way I want to run, not following a marathon training plan, but my only recent race was the Community Challenge 10K trail run in Williamsport, Pa. For me, running races leads to writing race reports, which leads to running-related posts.

I did write a race review for the trail race but other than that – zero, zip, nada, no running posts. I guess I have been pondering and writing about other topics recently, but I do enjoy writing about running and reading other writers’ running blogs.

Soooo…I have now made a list of running-related topics I want to explore. You can count on hearing from me more often in December, runners.

Meditations in Motion
Yes, I ran on this soggy track.

Speaking of running the way I want to run, I runfess I have started doing track intervals again, even though I get the feeling I am too old for this stuff. Am I too old for this stuff? Please tell me I am not too old for this stuff.

Three years ago, I did a season of track intervals with a friend before school once a week. In the dark, we huffed and puffed as we circled the track, each doing our individual version of an interval workout. My race times decreased dramatically.

For the workouts to do me any good, I know that I have to be consistent. I can’t expect to see any benefits until probably at least early spring. I may have to move my workouts indoors to the (ugh!) treadmill this winter when the track is covered in snow. My intention is to do a speed workout every week.

My PR days are long past me, but I do have one time-related goal I would like to achieve. More on that in future posts.

Meditations in Motion

I have learned that in running, you never say “never“, but I runfess the Marine Corps Marathon may be my last marathon, at least for a while.

Now that my hubby and running partner Bill has retired, we are on the road often, exploring new destinations and visiting our far-flung family. Frequent trips have disrupted endurance training.

I love to discover running routes in new places but taking the time to do a twenty-miler when we are on vacation or spending time with family doesn’t fit our plans. I think I will stick to training for shorter races in the near future.

Meditations in Motion
I am holding Yaktrax

Speaking of upcoming races, I runfess my January calendar is full and I like it! January is often a slow time for racing in and around Pennsylvania, but there are still some races available.

In 2020, I will be doing two old favorites, CJ’s Resolution Challenge, a three-hour trail race in R. B. Winter State Park and the Phunt 25K trail race, probably my favorite race of all-time, in Fair Hill Maryland.

The picture above was taken at CJ’s when the temperature at the start of the race was zero degrees Fahrenheit.

I was wearing two layers of everything that day and did not feel cold during the run. After the race, however, when I went into an enclosed pavilion to warm up by the fire with some hot chocolate and chicken corn soup, my fingers did not work for several minutes. I could not grasp a cup.

Hubs and I are also going to do a new (to us) race when we visit my sister in Florida, which I am very excited about. We signed up for The Pump House Run, an eight-mile trail race (do you see a pattern with trails in January here?) around Lake Apopka.

The pictures I have seen of the race venue look beautiful and my sister assures me there is very little chance of zero-degree temperatures in Florida.

Thank you for hearing my runfessions, brothers and sisters. My soul is unburdened once again and I can run unfettered by remorse. Until next month, when I am sure I will have more sins to runfess.






    • My hubby and I run most of our runs together, but he does not join me for the track intervals. He does some speedwork on the treadmill at the gym, but I am trying to avoid the treadmill as much as possible! 🙂


  1. Ha, ha – at least you are not confessing to a large dinner and an inability to move (let alone run) afterward, Laurie … we all should only wish we had a little of the stamina you are exhibiting to get out and run in all these events. We had a gloomy-looking but dry Thanksgiving and the same for today – a little sleety tomorrow, but I should be able to get my walk in fine in the morning – no way the weather is as nice as the weather you are enjoying this week. I’m ready to suit up and head out right now – that’ll take 10-15 minutes, you’ll slip on shorts and a teeshirt and lace up your shoes and be good to go.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually….I did have a huge Thanksgiving dinner, but I ran every day we were in Arizona. The weather was perfect for running. Cold and crisp every morning and warm and sunny (for swimming) in the afternoons. I hope your walking regimen is going well. You have a goal to meet. So sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment, Linda. I scheduled this post ahead of time and did not get a chance to check my blog recently, then when I started responding to comments, I began in reverse order (which I usually don’t do).

      Liked by 1 person

      • No problem, but I wanted to tell you that it went to SPAM but strange as it was just waiting moderation and saw that when I left the comment in the morning. Another blogger tried to respond to a comment I made and got a strange message that my blog was not accepting his comments. Nothing strange in either of our comments – I was mentioning his post which is about nature and an unusual car and his post was about the car – WP is wonky sometimes.

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      • I have one blogger who is studying at Harvard for a year, but she was living in Saudi Arabia and her laptop/phone is registered there, so every time she responds, it automatically goes to SPAM. We figure it has something to do from where her account originates as it happens when she comments on other’s posts as well. We have an absolutely ugly day with an all-day rain and wind. I will catch up on boring things like housework as I treated myself to three days of doing nothing, including reading two books, an indulgence I have not done in two decades believe it or not.

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      • I had one running blogger who always responded to my comments too quickly. WordPress thought it was spam, so I never got her responses until I looked into my spam folder! I am glad you treated yourself to nothing. I am way behind on blogging again, but I will get it done when I can.

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      • It’s hard to keep up – I won’t be posting as much the next month … there was nothing to take pictures of, no leaves, or snow – the park is devoid of color and the squirrels have been featured so often, those posts will all look alike now. I’ll do a few Christmas-type posts now. You can catch up the first big snowfall and you’re hunkered down inside.

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      • I have a post scheduled for Tuesday that I was unsure of whether I would publish. I still might pull it. It’s different from my usual pieces. We have no snow in the forecast (thank goodness), so at least I can still get out to run if I bundle up!

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      • Good deal that you didn’t get all that snow since it is all over the northeast and could run Laurie We had snow showers this morning. It was very dark when I left this morning on my walk and it started doing some snow showers before I got home and I got wet! You could set it for a date far into the future until you decide on that post.

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    • I was always better at speed than distance, Jeff. I trained myself to run marathons, but I was never really a good marathoner. So far, my intervals have been going well. Fingers crossed!


  2. January is really the height of race season in Florida. The weather is great for it and there are so many great options. Not that I’m going to be able to take advantage of any of them this year. womp womp.

    This broken leg is going to give me quite a bit of content for the next few months, so I totally understand exploring other avenues of writing. You may find some great topics to explore.

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    • I went back and read your posts about your injury. That sucks! I hope you are a fast mender and that your return to running is closer to 4 months than 6.
      I am running a race in Apopka, FL when we come down to visit my sister in January. It’s an 8-mile trail race, but I think the trails in Florida are much different than in PA.


  3. You are never too old to do speedwork (or anything else for that matter) until you believe you are. I truly believe everyone would get faster if they’ d commit to doing speedwork consistently.
    I totally get your “never say never” sentiment about the marathon. I say the same thing for myself. But for now, I’m loving running whatever I want whenever, wherever. Thanks for runfessing!

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  4. I haven’t been logging a lot of miles since my marathon – just running when I feel like it and it’s nice to not follow a training plan right now.

    I love that you already have some races in mind for 2020, I only have one so I need to start thinking about that more since 2020 is literally around the corner!

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    • I am enjoying running what I feel like since my marathon too. so little stress!

      I am currently looking for some spring races too. Right now, I only have the January races on tap.


    • I have been eyeing an Orange Theory gym that just opened up near us, but I kind of have to decide whether to do that or yoga. Even though I’m retired, there are still only so many hours in the week! Scooby miles are precious. I would never give them up if I were you!


  5. I”m happy to runfess that I’m so looking forward to dropping my mileage again after this half. Marathons are definitely off the agenda. I’m enjoying just being able to run. It was fun to push the distance to train for my race but I don’t like how tired it makes me! I’m getting old!

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    • I hope you have a good half. I would like to keep my mileage up enough so that I can do a half marathon on the spur of the moment if I want to, but training for another marathon doesn’t appeal to me at all. Enjoy your half! I will be looking forward to reading the report.


  6. Your upcoming races sound fun! I an contemplating a nearby 5K next weekend…I’m going to wait and see what the weather brings and decide that morning. Other than that, nothing official on my calendar until march (though there are a few possibilities in February). Myself, I enjoy running the marathons, but those final long runs are kind of dreadful. I wish (ruthlessly LOL) that we could just bypass that final month leading up to taper….

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  7. I love your runfessions, Laurie! It’s good to change things up now and then as age creeps up and our obligations call us away from routine exercise. Flexibility is good both for body and mind, and it sounds like you are rolling right along with it.
    Looking forward to hearing about the races you described here.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m with you. I know I should do speed workouts but wonder if I am too old. Why suffer?

    Do times really matter? I’m trying to convince myself that they do not.

    If my PR are over, then I need new goals.

    Running for fun is key. I never regret a race I enter.

    I definitely enjoy new routes and trails.

    Looking forward to you winter posts.

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  9. I enjoy hearing your escapades in your run fessions Laurie!
    I have a question for you though;
    When you’re running do you get to enjoy the scenery around you or are you concentrating on the track in front of you so you don’t have a mishap?
    Bless you,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! I like having my running adventures described as “escapades”!

      When I an running out in the countryside, I get to enjoy the scenery. When I am running on the track (once a week), I don’t pay attention so much to the scenery. I am focusing on my breath and running fast. Blessings to you, Jennifer!

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