This Is My Problem

“We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say ‘It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.’ Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.” – Fred Rogers


Meditations in Motion

In light of the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio last weekend, I wonder, when are we going to say, “Enough“?

When will we say “No more hate, no more discord, no more violence“?

When will we say “These are my children, my brothers and sisters, my community, my country, and my problem“?

Let’s all be the heroes we need right now.

Let’s see the need and respond.

Let’s do it now.

Anti Defamation League:
Southern Poverty Law Center:
Racial Equity Tools:
Be the Bridge:
Japanese AmericanCititzen’s’ League:
Not in Our Town:


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Meditations in Motion


  1. No doubt, we have to resolve to keep making noise and communicating to all the powers that be: this is a crisis that has gone far beyond merely offering thoughts and prayers in response. I attended a 1,000 person-plus gathering on Sunday night with my congressman (Mike Thompson, District 5, Northern CA), CA’s governor Gain Newsome, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, all of whom are champions for reducing/eliminating gun violence. They all spoke to the latest round of unspeakable tragedies, and there wasn’t a person present who didn’t express their demand for change. And yet, even with these powerful people on the side of right, we seem unable to break the gridlock of the NRA on Congress. I confess to feeling dispirited and frustrated — and I am convinced it impacts the mental health of every person in the U.S. to be confronted with this mind-and-heart-numbing march of atrocities. May we soon be able to look back on this as a dark time, from the perspective of a brighter one.

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    • I get frustrated too, Jan, especially when I believe the majority of people in this country want some common-sense gun control. I don’t want to take everyone’s guns away (unless you have an assault rifle, then I want to take your gun away), I just want to do something to reduce the cycle of violence and hate. My oldest son is a member of the NRA – but just the gun safety and training part of the organization, not the political wing. I can’t imagine how those NRA members can look at themselves in the mirror each day. It’s immoral. Unfortunately, I live in a very conservative area and my congressman received more money from the NRA than any other person last election. Guess how he votes?

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      • Are you in Smucker’s district? I didn’t know if he covered all of Lancaster county or not. Since the redrawing of the maps he now covers southern York County so he replaced Scott Perry (who is no better as far as ultra conservatives go) as my rep.

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      • I am in Smucker’s district. I worked for the Jess King campaign in 2018 and thought she had a fighting chance, but I was disappointed in the results. She has some great ideas.

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      • I was really excited by her campaign as well and recall watching the debate held at Eastern York (my former high school) and felt she had a good head on her shoulders. I think Eugene DePasquale will give Perry a good run for his money next year and hopefully replace him (and get some action going on climate change – the group I belong to, Citizens Climate Lobby, has met with Perry several times though I haven’t attended and while he’s respectful he wants nothing to do with climate change it seems) and I wish someone like that would challenge Smucker.

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      • I didn’t realize dePasquale is going to run against Perry. I hope he wins! I will have to look into Citizens’ Climate Lobby. That sounds like a good group. I used to belong to an anti-gerrymandering group (Fair Districts PA), but kind of gave it up. It just seems so futile. That’s a bad attitude, I know. It seems as though if Jess King couldn’t make any inroads against Smucker, who can? She was a great candidate.


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