June Runfessions

Meditations in Motion

Time once again for another version of Runfessions with Marcia’s Healthy Slice. We unburden our souls and confess our sins, running and otherwise, then emerge clean as the fallen snow and light as a feather.

First up – I completely blew my diet this morning. I am supposed to be on a low-fat, no-added-sugar diet in an attempt to lower my cholesterol. Today is my grandson’s eighth birthday and he wanted to go to an all-you-can-eat buffet for breakfast.

Of course, when you’re a grandparent, that means you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet for breakfast. Not just any all-you-can-eat buffet, the biggest all-you-can-eat buffet in the world, if you can believe Shady Maple’s advertising.

I am not going to list each individual transgression, but let’s just say the worst was that cream-filled, vanilla-iced donut. Ugh! There go three months of hard work, down the sugar-and-fat coated drain.

Meditations in Motion

After having my running curtailed for almost two years by injury, I must runfess, I am now attempting to make up for lost time. As anyone who has been doing races for any length of time knows, runners receive a lot of emails advertising races. My inbox overflows with these alluring notices.

All too often in the past few weeks, I have been succumbing to the siren call to toe the line. I want to sign up for all the races.

As a result, hubby and I have done four races in three weeks. I am loving the shorter distances, all 5Ks and 10Ks. Recovery time is much shorter, the after-party is more enjoyable, logistics are easy, and there is little or no travel involved. I have not written a race report on the latest one, Wheels and Wings 5K, but it will be coming soon.

I just got an email this week for a very attractive half marathon in Scranton, PA in September. It’s on a Sunday. The only problem is Hubby and I are already signed up for a five-mile trail race the day before. I am not sure if these old legs will tolerate back-to-back races the way they used to, but I am tempted to give it a try.

Meditations in Motion

I must runfess I am glad my annual turn to host our runners’ club fun run is over. Members of our club take turns hosting our Tuesday night fun run. Hosts are responsible for planning the routes (usually three, five, and seven miles), then providing dinner and drinks for around 50 – 60 runners and walkers.

Last night was our turn. Bill and I share co-hosting duties with two other runners, Diana and Dave. Diana provides the location, setting up chairs and tables in her back yard amidst her beautiful gardens. She also provides the wine and paper supplies. Dave plans and marks the routes and brings the beer. Bill and I are in charge of the food.

This year we had many varieties of the typical unhealthy snacks runners love (including my favorite – Cheetos), watermelon, Caesar salad, Italian bread, baked pasta in a tomato, white wine, and cream sauce topped with roasted mixed vegetables and mozzarella cheese, and homemade chocolate-iced brownies (which I did not eat).

It was a lot of fun, but I always breathe a sigh of relief when it is over. Now I am a guest for the rest of the summer. I show up at a running party every Tuesday night with no responsibilities.

Meditations in Motion

Finally, I must runfess – I love this photo. It reminds me of how far Hubby and I have come from the days when we fell in love as college freshmen. We met in calculus class. Bill was too shy to speak to me, so he asked his friend to break the ice. His friend approached me with a witty line (something like “What’s your major?”), and the rest is history.

To see this picture of him riding bike with our five-year-old grandson makes me think of all the changes we have been through together to get us to the happy point we are at right now. Who would have thought that the music-loving guy with shoulder-length hair would have turned out to be such a loving, patient grandfather, riding his bike with his little grandson?

Thank you for joining me for another month’s Runfessions. Come back next month when I will once again unburden my soul.

My family and I will be visiting my sister and her family on Cape Cod next week, so I will not be posting anything until July 7. Have a happy and safe 4th, everyone!



  1. Cape Cod! Enjoy! So close, yet so far.

    I don’t think one meal will really blow your hard work at all. But that dinner — I can’t even imagine hosting that many people, much less runners, who are like locusts. Glad you get to enjoy now.

    It’s great that you’re able to enjoy all the racing again!

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    • Haha! Runners ARE like locusts. I love that description! πŸ˜€

      We leave for Cape Cod tomorrow morning. We rented a house right next to a bike path alongside a canal, so we will have a great place to run. 2 of our 3 sons and their families are coming with us. Looking forward to the week, but not the drive, especially since I will have 2 grandsons with me for the first part.

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  2. I’m sure that donut tasted so good! You have to give yourself grace and enjoy those foods once in a while!

    Your running club dinners sound like fun!

    Have a great trip!

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  3. That is a really sweet picture of your husband and grandson. ❀ I think it's so funny that you love cheetos. They are not my thing – I get my orange fingertips from cheese-itz. πŸ™‚

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    • I love that photo! If I could crop it a little better, I might even get it printed out. I like Cheese-its too, but Cheetos are my weakness! πŸ™‚


  4. That picture is precious! Isn’t it so fascinating to watch life unfold? The running club parties sound really fun, but also lots of work when it’s your turn. Glad you got yours out of the way. Have a wonderful time in Cape Cod. We were last there when our youngest turned 1 and now she’s almost 14! Sigh.

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    • Thank you, Marcia. I love that photo! The running club parties are a lot of work and expense once a year, but now I have a party to attend every Tuesday night until Daylight Savings Time is over! We go to Cape Cod almost every year for the 4th. My sister has a big party, and I help her with that.


  5. I have also been making lists of all the fall and next spring races I would like to do. It’s so very tempting to sign up for everything but I never know how I am going to feel. One weekend or two of eating desserts is not going to mess us your over all efforts. Don’t stress!

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    • So many races. So little time! πŸ™‚ I will do some other ones, but the one I really have my sights set on is the Anchorage Marathon next summer!


  6. Have a great time on the cape.

    I love all the races as you know. I say do it. You only live once.

    The same with eating. My weakness is ice cream. And donuts.

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  7. Happy birthday to your grandson.
    4 races in 3 weeks are a great performance, congrats! In this last period I am also a lover of the shorter distances: in the past my favorite was the half marathon.
    The tuesday night fun run with a party is a very good idea, I like it.
    Grandpa and grandson together is a wonderful photo.

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    • Thank you! I run half and full marathons too, but I have been enjoying the shorter distances lately. I have some longer stuff coming up this summer and fall.


  8. That is SUCH a sweet pic of your husband and grandson β€” and you’re right; life, given time, is astoundingly transformative. May your family visit (how intelligent of you to have family on Cape Cod!) be fun and relaxing and do please eschew guilt for anything you eat while celebrating life with loved ones: I don’t care if it’s cream-stuffed Cheetos, food prepared and consumed in an atmosphere of love is nourishment, says I. Enjoy your time away, and I look forward to your return and your continuing to amuse and confound me with delightful oxymorons like “a very attractive half-marathon.” Cheers from your unrepentant non-runner fan πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you, Jan. I wish I could crop the photo a little bit better. I would print it out and frame it. Our family 4th of July get-togethers on Cape Cod are always a lot of fun. We are a competitive bunch, so there will be charades, cards, games, and a lot of laughter and late nights. My niece makes a mean Chex mix. Her secret: double the amount of butter and salt in the recipe! πŸ™‚


  9. That is a sweet pic of Grandpa and the little one πŸ˜‰ The hubby and I will celebrate 29 years of marriage in August…what??? How did that happen? I know that feeling of wanting to run all the races, especially after rallying back ….

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    • I know the feeling. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were 17 years old and meeting for the first time! πŸ™‚ Congrats on 29 years!


  10. We just got home from Cape Cod (among other places). Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July holiday!

    I wouldn’t worry too much about one buffet. Calories consumed with special loved ones don’t count πŸ™‚ I hope your grandson had the best time ever!

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    • Oh, nice! I hope you had a great time on your trip. We go to the Cape most years for my sister’s 4th of July party.

      I am hoping you are right about the donut! πŸ˜€


  11. I have not been to Shady Maple in years! I really want to take Jason sometime but it’s such a long drive when you’re hungry and used to eating within a half an hour of waking up. I know the food is worth it though!

    I clicked your half marathon link because Jason is from Scranton and I lived with him in a tiny town called Jermyn for about 3 years before moving back here. The D&H distance run is actually the first half marathon I ever ran! It was in 2013 and my dad did it as well though he ran well ahead of me. It was simply an out and back on the rail trail, a very mild incline on the way out (not noticeable) and I believe it was fairly shaded. Too bad I wasn’t blogging back then to have written a race report! I don’t recall there being anything too special to it as far as food or anything, but it was a good first half marathon for me. Granted now I’d much prefer courses with rolling hills as all the flatness is tough on my hips, but if you need a fairly easy course for a day after a trail one it should work well! If you need restaurant recommendations in the area let me know – I prefer to live in York County but boy oh boy do I miss Scranton’s restaurants!

    Have a nice vacation!

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    • We had actually not been to Shady Maple in years either. I am not a big buffet person, but they do a nice job with breakfast. You can get pancakes and omelets made to order in addition to the buffet.

      I am looking forward to the D & H distance run. We are staying in Scranton, so it’s still pretty much of a drive to get to the starting line from there on race morning, but the race doesn’t begin until 9, so we should be OK.

      If you have any restaurant recommendations, I would love to hear them. Bill is a foodie. The best thing about traveling for him is to find new places to eat! Thank you!

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      • Jermyn is north of Scranton so I didn’t have too far of a drive to the race, but I know it is farther north so you’ll have a bit of a drive but at that start time you shouldn’t have to get up too early.

        If you want a restaurant in Scranton itself I’d go with Casa Bella or Samarios. The Italian food at either is top notch; I recommend the cheese tortellini alfredo at Samarios. The sauce is creamy without being heavy. If you want amazing pizza I’d recommend either Armettas in Clarks Summit or Honky Tonk in Dunmore (both towns are very close to Scranton). Honky Tonk also has a great breakfast selection. Barrett’s Pub is a bit north of Scranton in Archbald but had a great meatball stromboli. If you’re looking for a bit more upscale but not overly fancy dining, top quality cocktails and American instead of Italian food, I’d recommend Tiffanys in Eynon, just north of Scranton.

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  12. Fun runfessions, as always! You do have some fun times with your runs, and good for you for making up for lost time πŸ™‚ I wouldn’t worry so much about the little Shady Maple splurge – one in a while doesn’t hurt anything. It’s when it’s a habit that it’s a problem. Enjoy Cape Cod!

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  13. Great runfessions! With all your running, is it surprising to you to have high cholesterol? My husband had the same thing happen, it is hereditary for him – both parents have it. You’re right to ditch the sugars. But, a splurge now and then is just fine. Cheetos…well, those aren’t so great to munch on regularly. Enjoy your travels! PS – I love the paragraphs about your hubby and the photo of your grandson and him riding bikes. It is fun to see how we grow up into pretty cool people at this time in our lives!

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    • My doctor said it must be hereditary for me too, although I don’t remember my parents having it. They might just not have told me, though. I love that photo, Shelley. That is a great way to put it – we do grow to be some pretty cool people. Eventually! πŸ™‚

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  14. So glad to read you put your grandson’s request ahead of your own desire. I am on a similar food plan and have had to put things in my mouth that I really shouldn’t, but the memory it helped to create in that moment is much more important! You are truly a motivated runner and it makes me miss the days I used to run. Your visit to Cape Cod sounds absolutely wonderful! Enjoy!

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