What Do You Believe?

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.” – Gandhi

Meditations in Motion

It was raining cats and dogs this morning. I could not lure my dog Benji to go for a walk without holding an umbrella over his head. The forecast is for rain all day.

Hubs and I are scheduled to do a trail race this evening. I somehow “accidentally” signed us up for not one, but two races this week – one on Thursday evening (the trail race) and one on Saturday morning.

Bill and I have some experience with running races in the rain. Last May, on Mothers’ Day weekend, we ran a 24-hour relay. It rained for 20 of those 24 hours. The 1.5-mile loop course through the woods became a muddy morass. It was impossible to run without sliding sideways. Runners were covered in mud from head to toe. It was one of my all-time running highlights.

Mdeditations in Motion

Another time we ran a 25K trail race during a downpour. I was so cold and wet after the race, changing into dry clothes crowded out all other thoughts from my mind, but there was no place to change. Bill gallantly held up a towel as a shield so I could change in the car.

I loved it. All of it. The race, the rain, the memory of changing into dry clothes in the front seat of a Passat, every memory I have of that experience is good.

I believe the race tonight will be fun, rain or shine. My mud shoes and hat with a brim to keep the rain out of my eyes are already packed. I anticipate having a good time because I  enjoy running in the rain.

Like Gandhi, I think my beliefs shape my reality. They affect how I live my life; they inform my actions, values, and words. If I believe the race will be fun, barring some unforeseen catastrophe, it will be fun.

It is good to examine your beliefs from time to time because, for most of us, our beliefs change as we get older. Here are some of my beliefs.

I believe in a God of love, grace, abundance, and compassion. I believe that we will never completely figure out God and it is useless to try. The whole point of faith is to learn to embrace uncertainty.

I believe too many people have a relationship with God based on fear, that too many Christians are nervous about doing or saying or believing the wrong thing. God knows that we are imperfectly human. We don’t have to do anything to acquire God’s love.

Meditations in Motion

I believe in second chances. And third, fourth, and fifth chances too. As many as it takes. When I taught chemistry, one of the concepts I tried to teach my students was to be comfortable with making mistakes, not to be afraid of them. The important thing is to learn from our errors, both in chemistry and in life.

I believe running has made me a better person. My self-confidence, endurance, satisfaction, and joy have increased because I am a runner. My circle of friends has grown, I have had some incredible experiences, and I have traveled to amazing places because I run.

Meditations in Motion

I believe the “King” from the Burger King commercials is just creepy. I can’t show a photo of him due to copyright issues, but you know who I mean. Which advertising market research analyst looked at the prototype of the king and thought a spine-chilling guy in a plastic mask and crown would help to sell hamburgers?

Meditations in Motion

I believe that most politicians are self-serving, dishonest, partisan, power-hungry crooks and that we still have the best system of government in the world.

I believe that Americans work too much and play too little. We are one of the only developed countries without paid parental leave. Most other nations have between 12 – 20 weeks. We are the only industrialized country that does not mandate paid vacation time and holidays.

According to one source “Americans work 137 more hours per year than Japanese workers, 260 more hours per year than British workers, and 499 more hours per year than French workers.” We don’t have a good balance between work and family life; we don’t leave enough time for fun. To paraphrase Annie Dillard, we are making hay when we should be making whoopie.

I believe that public education has some serious flaws, but it is the best bargain around, education-wise. Besides often being the heart of the communities they serve, schools are usually diverse. They are a place where students of all income levels, ethnicities, racial, and sexual backgrounds can mingle.

Public school teachers are some of the most dedicated, big-hearted, caring people I have ever met. Their responsibilities are enormous and their schedules grueling. And yet…and yet, most teachers love their profession and their students. They could not imagine doing a different job, even one for better pay.

Meditations in Motion

I believe matter is made up of particles too small to imagine and those particles are, at their core, made up of energy. I believe that light and matter are two sides of the same coin, manifest in different ways.

I believe that science is true, whether you choose to believe in it or not.

I believe the Beatles were the best band in history.

I believe that love is love. And…

I believe my grandchildren are adorable.

What do you believe?

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  1. I believe we don’t have enough time off from our jobs either Laurie. And, it is even worse now that workers are tied to the workplace at all hours by virtue of e-mail and text messages and needing to check in and be in touch with work even in “off hours” – it is just wrong. It’s going to get worse too. And we have our vacation time, with too few long weekends to just recharge, even if you don’t get away. When I was laid off and came back to this job by working from home, I committed to no vacation time … I was excited at the thought of losing the commute which had become more difficult the last six years after we moved from downtown Detroit proper. Agreeing to no vacation time was not a good idea … even i I didn’t go away, just to get away from the workplace, even a virtual one, would be a lifesaver for me. I do look forward to retirement. I agree the Beatles were the best band ever – we’re from the same era – that’s a big part of that statement. Your grandchildren are adorable! Hope that rain lightened up a little for tonights race, even if you love running in the rain. We have had a similar weather day here and it is pouring as I write this comment.

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    • Yes, exactly! Because we are in touch 24/7, there is never a moment of silence and peace. I don’t always carry my phone with me and friends and relatives have let me know they are irritated because they can’t get in touch with me immediately.
      A few days ago, I came home from the gym in the morning and accidentally left my phone in my bag. By the time I realized it, it was evening, and there were 12 texts waiting for me! Ugh!

      I hope you can retire soon, Linda. I think I have said that before. I can imagine you are looking forward to retirement. working from home is still working!

      The rain actually turned into a downpour! I wrote a post about it that I will publish this weekend, but we got absolutely soaked!

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      • I never use my cellphone and it is really just for emergencies – my friends for the most part live out of town and I have no family/relatives at all. I never turn the phone on except to charge it once or twice a month. It had always irritated my boss that I don’t have an answering machine and I don’t turn on the cellphone and carry it only for emergency purposes. I do have caller ID so I know if he has called or calls while I am home, but if he calls more than one time, it just registers as one call from his number. I just didn’t want an answering machine and I really get very few calls at home – mostly Robb, my boss and robocalls. Twelve texts – amazing. That would annoy me too. I get annoyed on a weekend if my boss goes into work (and I check in on the weekend to ensure the computer system is working) and there are five or six e-mails that he has sent. It takes time to open/review/respond. I am not as accommodating as I used to be with my time and that is due to walking and now blogging. I try to get out of work by 5:30 latest now. I don’t know but the evening flies by so quickly – I am trying to get to bed earlier than 11 or 12 as I get up earlier to walk earlier.

        I am looking forward to retiring Laurie … my boss says he will be in business another three years to take me to Social Security at 66. This is because he doesn’t want to retire (he is now 72) and he promised me when we left the Firm that he’d be in business as long as his attorney father (who was still practicing at age 82 until he got sick suddenly and passed away). So he always told me “we’d work together for many years” – I am looking forward to try some things I always wanted to do like take some art classes for example. I have been working from home since 2011, but before that in 2009 I was laid put on part-time as we weren’t busy and I had the issues with my mom’s health, then she passed away but I was laid off for a while and collected unemployment before being hired back.

        Oh, a downpour – how ugly! That sounds like our yesterday and we have a rainy weekend in store Today was so beautiful that I hated to come home.

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      • Hearing your story about your answering machine made me think of my mom. After she had a stroke and dementia had set in, I used to come home from school to find that she called me 20 times and left 20 messages on my answering machine, just asking me to call when I got home. Poor mom would forget that she had call and call over and over again. She was living in assisted living at that point. Of course, now I would do anything to hear her voice again.

        Wow! I can’t even imagine working until 72, or 75! I have found that when I retired, I am still busy, but now I am doing things I want to do, rather than school work. Art classes sound awesome!


      • Very sad with your mom and yes, it would be great to hear her voice again. The neighbor across the street developed dementia after her husband passed away from cancer, and until she was moved to assisted living, she would stand at her front door and call to me while I was cutting the lawn or doing other yardwork and keep asking me what time it was or what day it was and she’d call me “Miss” as she didn’t remember who I was. It was upsetting to me as Mrs. Elmore had been a neighbor from 1966 and my mom’s best friend.

        After we moved to the U.S. we went back to Toronto to visit my grandmother and aunt (who lived upstairs) four or five times a year. We used to take a tape recorder and tape ourselves while opening our Christmas presents and my grandmother’s birthday presents (we went in mid-November to avoid traveling in bad weather and my grandmother’s birthday was November 19th). My aunt’s dog would howl when we sang Happy Birthday and we would laugh at that and it was all caught on tape. We’d listen to the tape afterward. Downstairs I have tapes of every year … I have not listened to them, but I’m sure they would be sad to hear as everyone is gone now.

        My boss is a workaholic and has only slowed down in recent years as we are not as busy, though we had a big project this past Spring that encompassed a lot of time. In 2016 we were so slow he planned to shut down the end of the year and we got a new client that generated a lot of work so he never spoke of it again – he and his wife don’t have a lot in common and he has told me he does not want to retire. She retired about five years ago, an elementary school teacher for many years. Their son just graduated with an LLM in Law from Northwestern University, a degree which he added after he graduated law school in May 2018, and he has a job in San Francisco which he begins on July 15th. My boss at one time was so busy that he went to the office seven days a week, plus had a home office with a fax machine before PDFs and even e-mail were popular, plus he taught Private Sector Labor Law at University of Detroit Mercy Law School for decades. He’d still be there but not that many students signed up, so they cancelled the class. They offer it again, but he was not asked to come back. His good friend was the Dean of the Law School and has now retired. I don’t know where he gets the energy – I think I mentioned he rides his bide about 25 miles a day (outside in good weather, exercise bike in bad weather and Winter) and swims one mile daily six days a week and two nights a week another mile).

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      • We used to have a dog who would howl when we sang too. Bill used to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” just to get her going. We would laugh at the 2 of them singing a duet! 🙂

        I once had a financial advisor who sounds a lot like your boss. He never wanted to retire either. Your boss sounds like he has a lot of energy! It’s sad that he and his wife do not have a lot in common. Bill and I have had a lot of fun in retirement so far, especially traveling.

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      • That’s what we used to do to Pache as he loved to “sing” … we’d get him singing on tape and then he was always like a puppy with the wrapping paper, so you would hear us opening part of a present, and he’d pull the rest of the wrapping and bows off … he would get a bow on his collar and his head and run around with it. We had a lot of fun doing that and then listened to the tape afterward.

        Robb will not be happy to retire at all. He has invested a lot of energy and money into making his office the equivalent of a man cave with all his labor-related items and personal treasures. He has always been fascinated by the character Don Quixote and there are photos of DQ and the windmill done in various mediums, and several statues of him around the office, including a window-sized Tiffany glass in cobalt blue. Robb also collects Tiffany glass as well and has it in all his office windows and a beautiful lamp in the conference room. I think he pictures where that will fit in the scheme of things at the house. He just has a small office he said and that was when he had the fax machine and phone only – now he just parks himself at the kitchen table with the laptop and his satellite internet gizmo.
        He would have liked his son to take over the practice but his son said “no, I want a cushy 9-5 job and no weekends Dad – sorry.” (His kid starts his job on 07/15 in San Francisco – his first job after 8 years of college and never working as Dad paid everything so he didn’t have to work, gave him an allowance, etc., paid for his share of his apartment in Ann Arbor, then Chicago. Also Robb wrote and I typed, every term paper this kid did since high school, if not junior high. This kd is in a for a rude awakening when he finds himself in the real work world and low man on the totem pole. Robb and his wife do travel, but they always had Mac with them. Since she retired she goes on vacation with her friends or with her brother who lives in California all the time. She has a family cottage and goes there all Summer by herself and he onlyh goes for the long holidays. I don’t thing it will be the nice togetherness that you and Bill enjoy.

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      • What wonderful memories these dogs give us!

        I guess Robb’s son learned something from his dad – not to work the kind of hours he did! Robb sounds like a generous parent. we paid for some of our kids’ undergrad, but after that, they were on their own. We gave them the equivalent of tuition (but not room and board) for a local state university. None of them opted to go to that college, which I was glad of – kids need to get away from home by that age – so they all had student loans, but none of them had huge student loans.

        Our son Rob studied computer science and his grad school (Oregon State) paid all of his tuition and even paid his medical insurance and gave him a stipend while he studied there. When he graduated, he went to work for Yahoo! but came back to Oregon State and is now a professor there.

        I think your Robb did not do his son any favors by writing his term papers for him!

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      • Yes, I am sure that Mac learned from observation and he was always closer to his mother as Robb was never around … Robb told me she would complain about that, but I saw that he was providing for his family and he was a workaholic, just like his father, so she should not chastise him for that. He provided a good living, vacations every year, a maid for her … but Mac does want the easy way and when in college, would send his term paper topics to his father so Robb could pick the one HE wanted to write on. (Very considerate wasn’t he?) I was incensed as it usually meant he dictated it and many revisions only to send it to his kid already to turn in.

        Robb’s father was an attorney also and a sole practioner. Robb said he was a workaholic (so no doubt that is where he got that trait) … he said his father worked down the street from home, came home for lunch and dinner and both times went right back to the office – didn’t come home until around 9:00 nightly, never went to any of the kids’ sports or school activities.

        My parents did pay for my education and bought a new car so I had a safe car to go to school in. I was allowed to keep my money made waitressing for travel, clothes and gas in the car. But, my parents said if I went away to school, they’d help out with tuition, but not pay for living away from home … that would be my responsibility, so I opted to stay at home and attend community college then my last two years at Wayne State University.

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      • It’s sad when parents aren’t there for their children. Robb and his father seemed to miss out on the fun that comes with having kids.

        Bill and I basically had the same philosophy as your parents, but all of our kids opted to leave home. They were ready to get away, I guess! 🙂

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      • Laurie, I always likened Robb/Mac’s relationship to Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s In the Cradle”song … same scenario. He indulged him in everything else … but not his time. Mac was quite a Mama’s Boy until he got to be in his teens.

        I went to a community college for two years and what was nice about it was that the first two years in high school, we were not an accredited school and only went four hours per day with no college prep classes or amenities (driver’s ed for example). The last year of high school we got sports, band, clubs, etc. back and I was not part of those groups or “cliques” so I when I went to community school, I was on the school newspaper, student government, National Model United Nations and other activities – it was a chance to get involved and I enjoyed it. Then I transferred to WSU in Detroit. I think being an only child may have had something to do with their offer to put me through school as far as I wanted to go, but contingent on not living on campus.

        A lot has been on the news today about the death of Gloria Vanderbilt’s death. That brought back some nice memories of her signature jeans back in the day, the mid-70s when I was a college student. I loved the fit of those stretch jeans – still have a few pair downstairs but doubt I’ll ever fit into them again. 🙂

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      • A bunch of my former students went to community college before going on to a 4-year school. I think they liked it for the same reasons you did. They could be involved in a lot of activities in a smaller setting.

        I remember Gloria Vanderbilt jeans from back in the day too. I don’t think I ever had a pair, though. Never say never, Linda. With all your walking you may fit in those 40-year-old jeans yet! 🙂

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      • I really liked it Laurie – I met some really nice people by being involved in activities that I’d never had a chance to do in high school. I especially liked working on the staff of the newspaper. I kind of thought we would stay in touch, but they all went away to school after we got our Associates Degree. I never saw any of them anymore – had we had social media back then, it would have been easier to stay in touch.

        Gloria Vanderbilt and Jordache were all the rage then, but she was the first to come out with stretch jeans … they were not expensive, despite being designer jeans. I think my legs (thighs especially) have become muscular since walking and so that may be doubtful – this is why my house is cluttered as I have saved so many things – clothes mostly. When I worked on site, I loved buying clothes and accessories, shoes, boots. I will likely never wear any of those items down the line – I try not to look at them as it upsets me just a little. But on the other hand, I’m not interested to go back to working on site, it’s been too long now and I’m too set in my ways to return to the workforce. I worked with Robb (after we left the Firm) just the two of us, in a very relaxed atmosphere for 6 years before getting laid off and my mom became ill.

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      • Bill is a saver too. He has saved all of our canceled checks back to 1978! I am a pitcher. I love to go through the basement or storage room and declutter. We definitely need to do that before we move – IF we move. I was never much of a clothes shopper. I get by with just the minimum. Now that I have retired, half of my wardrobe consists of race shirts! 🙂

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      • I need to be more of a pitcher too. I was a clothes horse and my mom and I used to like going shopping and picking accessories … she rarely bought for her and now I wish I had been more of a minimalist as to all those items. I really don’t take much time with my wardrobe now, that’s for sure. You are in so many races – you’ll never say you don’t have a thing to wear!

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  2. I share most of the same beliefs as you. Esp about running education and work.

    I ran a 5k on Sunday and another on Tues. you get it, right?

    Yes I’ve run 13 miles in the pouring rain. Many times. Lived to laugh about it.

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    • Haha! Thank you, Michele. I think my grandchildren are adorable, but I am biased! 🙂 I often listen to NPR, but I don’t remember ever listening to “This I Believe”. I will have to see when it comes on at our local station.

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  3. I have run a few rainy races, and had a good time. Yet both my friend & I decided to bail on the trail run yesterday. It was dry in the evening, but had rained quite a bit in the morning (and evening before). Add to that Thursdays are a busy day and it’s a bit of a drive for me — nope, wasn’t feeling it.

    I believe happiness is a choice.

    I believe that dogs need to walk; that running around the backyard isn’t the same thing.

    I believe that sleep is NOT overrated, it’s far too underrated.

    I believe that we actually have too many choices today. I can remember watching and rewatching favorite tv shows as a kid, until I pretty much had them memorized (same with movies, same with reading books). But now there is SO MUCH of everything — we’re always on to the next best thing, and sometimes it’s good to sit with an old and treasured friend.

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    • It POURED last night, and the race was a blast! No use doing a race you aren’t feeling. There are plenty of races around. You will find one that suits you better.

      YES to happiness being a choice and dogs needing a walk.

      I love to sleep! If I don’t get 8 or 9 hours, I need a nap! 🙂

      And yes to too many choices too. I think that may contribute to the increase in ADD and ADHD in children. There is too much stimulation everywhere!

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  4. What an amazing selection of beliefs. My husband would agree about The Beatles. I believe that scientists can also be Christians 🙂 I also believe that if you can’t say anything nice then you shouldn’t say anything at all, even constructive criticism can be said nicely. I hope you enjoy your runs this week, I miss going out in the rain, it was something that I loved…so long as I was headed for somewhere where I could get dry afterwards, I certainly don’t like sitting around in wet clothes. Thanks for linking up to #wotw x

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    • I believe scientists can be Christians too since I am (was) both! 🙂

      My mom always used to tell me “If you can’t say anything nice…” She was right and so are you!

      It poured at the trail race last night. Thankfully, there was a good place to change out of our wet clothing. I would have hated to drive home soaking wet!

      Thank you for the opportunity to link up.


  5. Yes on the Beetles..lol

    I believe that running in the rain makes for some memorable runs!

    I also believe that the American work week should be 4 days of work and 3 days off EVERY week!

    Oh and one more you did not mention, I believe our pets should be included under our health insurance plan..haha

    Thanks for linking up with us. -M

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    • Absolutely yes to the 4 day work week! It poured last night for our race and it was certainly memorable (and fun!). Pets on the insurance plan is a great idea!


    • Awww…thank you, Deborah! It absolutely poured at the race last night, but it was fun. And I didn’t even fall, but I was a little nervous at a few spots! 🙂


  6. Great post! When you were talking about that 24 hour race with 20 hours of rain, I thought you were going to say it was horrible. That’s so cool that it ended up being a great experience 🙂 Perspective is so important at times. And your grandchildren definitely are adorable!

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    • Oh, that was one of my favorite experiences. I was just talking with a friend who did it with me last weekend. We agreed. We would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you – I think my grandchildren are adorable, but, you know, I’m biased! 🙂


  7. I believe in reincarnation of the soul. It is the only religious/spiritual concept that I have ever come across that has “clicked” for me where I said yes, this makes sense.

    I believe taste buds can change, but not every 7 years. Mine have taken almost 33.

    I believe writing is the one of the most therapeutic and creative outlets.

    I believe people need to quit social media, even temporarily, and remember how to connect with each other without being interrupted by cell phones.

    I believe it is incredibly hard to find people to socialize with outside of work when you choose to not have children or climb a cooperate ladder.

    I believe regrets are a waste of time and nothing should be regretted as long as you learn something from it.

    I believe Peter Jackson was brilliant in bringing the Lord of the Rings to life.

    I believe running keeps me emotionally balance.

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    • All really great beliefs, Tracey. I believe running keeps me emotionally balanced too. I sometimes feel if I couldn’t run I would drive my family crazy.

      Yes on the break from social media. I hate to see a young couple out for dinner or drinks and both scrolling on their phones rather than talking! So sad!!!

      And double yes on regrets! My students for the last several years I taught school were mostly Honors kids. They had never experienced failure, so they were afraid of it. I had to let them know that learning from mistakes is a valuable skill!


  8. I did a 6-hour overnight ultra a few years ago, and about an hour into the event, the heavens opened up and we had major rain. I think the rain lasted a couple hours. It was a real hot, July evening, so the rain felt a little refreshing, but it still was a major downpour. It was so humid (after the rain stopped), that none of us ever dried out. Although it was pretty miserable at the time, it was quite an empowering experience! Several of us returned the following year and did the 12-hour (also an overnight endeavor), and were blessed with much cooler temps and a beautiful, clear sky. Karma? 😉

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  9. Haha! I totally believe the Burger King is creepy. In fact, I found a Burger King play figurine and my family and I trick each other by hiding it. Then it’s game on until the next time we all get together.

    I told my hubs I need a break from the news. I just can’t take it anymore. We are watching a nature series on Netflix. It’s so much more peaceful.

    Good luck on your trail race!

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    • I would scream if I found that creepy king hidden somewhere. That is a great prank!

      Taking a break from the news is a wonderful idea. My hubby gets hooked on the news sometimes too until I ask him to change channels.


  10. We got rained on Wednesday night during our run, and then God blessed us with a beautiful rainbow!

    I think a lot of people have become slaves to their cell phones. I have mine set up to go to silent mode at night and from 9-3 during the day. If it’s not convenient for me, I don’t answer. Life is short and I’m trying to make it as simple and stress-free as I can.

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  11. Oh, the Burger King is indeed quite terrifying.

    I don’t watch the news. It’s just not what I need in my life. I’m able to find what I need on social media and delve deeper as I need or want.

    I believe I would probably bail on a muddy, rainy trail race, but I hope it is amazing for you! Good luck!

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  12. Oh. Good beliefs. Puzzled by the Burger King one, as we they use a crown over here in the UK. I don’t think we have a King figure. (Just looked up it up and now we seem to have a burger as a logo.) Sounds like we are saved a sight! Hope your run goes/went well and I am an absolute believer that the state of your mind dictates the end result, so I have no doubt you will have/had a fun run. Whatever the weather! #wotw

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    • The “king” is a guy dressed up as a king, wearing a creepy plastic mask with a creepy smile. It gives me the shivers just thinking about it. A burger, or even a crown would be much preferable.

      The run was absolutely fun!


  13. I have to agree with you in regard to Burger King! Ugh.

    – I believe in science, and I am comforted by the fact that science doesn’t require my belief to be true.
    – I believe life is meaningless until you give it meaning.
    – I believe a nation’s greatness is dependent on how it treats its most vulnerable populations.
    – I believe a nation’s greatest resource is her people and we should invest in people.
    – I believe in treating people with dignity and kindness.

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    • Thank you for sharing your beliefs, Michelle. Yes to the one about a nation’s greatness and double yes to your belief about how we should treat people!


  14. You got quite a response going here, Laurie! I really enjoyed your thoughts, and your never-ending positivity and optimism. Not really with you on the God thing, but it’s possible to live a fulfilled and positive life without all that, once you find your own faith, or raison d’etre. #AnythingGoes

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    • I absolutely believe that it is possible to live a fulfilled life once you figure out what your beliefs are, whether your beliefs are the same as mine or not. I think there are as many ways to happiness as there are people. Glad you enjoyed the post!

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    • Great post!!! I especially love this one: ” I believe that all children are a gift from God and that not only am I responsible for my own, but I also have a duty to other children I come in contact with. If I can help influence one child for good, I’ve touched future generations.” I echo that belief!

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  15. I love this. A positive mindset makes such a difference and I can imagine that running in the rain can be great fun – especially if you believe you will enjoy it. My beliefs with regards to my faith have been somewhat shattered over the last year or so and are very much a work in progress. I do believe that God is a god of love, grace and compassion too but my relationship with Him has changed a lot in the last year (although I know He hasn’t changed) and I find myself questioning things a lot more than I once did. I’m with you on your beliefs about politicians although I’d like to think that some of them are trying to make things better even if there are many that seem to be power-hungry and self-serving. So interesting to stop and think about what we believe. #WotW

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    • Louise, I can certainly understand you questioning your faith this past year. Here is a quote from Madeleine L’Engle that has helped me a lot. Maybe it will have meaning for you. ” Those who believe they believe in God, but without passion in the heart, without anguish of mind, without uncertainty, without doubt, and even at times without despair, believe only in the idea of God, and not in God himself.”


  16. Ah, I hope you enjoyed your rain. In the downpour! I believe I best enjoy the rain from the inside looking out:) Let’s see, I also believe: summer is the best; social media can be fun but, usually, the negatives outweigh the positives; dogs enrich our lives; fast food is basically junk food (but I do enjoy an occasional Chick Fil A milkshake!); mornings are the best part of the day; and there is going to be a grand reunion one day – and we can only imagine how wonderful it will be!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did enjoy my run in the rain. It did pour and we did get soaked! Yes on your beliefs about dogs, summer, and social media. Double yes on the milkshakes!!! 🙂 I do so hope you are correct in your belief about the great reunion!


  17. Laurie, one of my favorite running memories is running a Thanksgiving Day 1/2 marathon in the rain. Running in the rain is something we don’t do enough as adults. I love that you say “The whole point of faith is to learn to embrace uncertainty.” That’s so true. It’s something we wrote about on our Red Sea Rules post this week. “Faith does not mean shutting your eyes to reality. It doesn’t mean pretending that the problems aren’t there or that they are just going to magically disappear somehow. That’s not the kind of faith that God’s Word is talking about. Faith means that you and I face the problem.” Thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

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    • Patsy, I was thinking about this post when I read the Red Sea Rules post this week. Yours went into much more depth, but the thought was similar. Your wet Thanksgiving half sounds wonderful! I actually love running in the rain. It reminds me of when I was a kid and used to splash in puddles!


  18. Absolutely beautiful post. I never thought about the Burger King thing but you do make a good point. I believe that our past and present make us the person that we are. So I don’t have any regrets about the experiences I have whether they are good or bad.

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  19. I love the idea of really thinking about what you believe. Amen to Gods grace and second, third and fourth chances! I believe God’s strength is always there for us if we only ask him.

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  20. Good Post!

    “The whole point of faith is to learn to embrace uncertainty.”

    Great quote – i just wrote a post about ‘certainty’ – coincidentally! 🙂

    I believe the people who thought the Burger King was a good way to sell hamburgers were inspired by the same kind of people who thought Hamburglar and Ronald McDonald would do the same! (Footnote. Over here Burger King ™ is known as ‘Hungry Jack’s’). I tried looking for the Burger King on Google and ‘images’ and could not find a single case where the burger was shown with any ‘King’ – I had to look up THE Burger King and then found what you were talking about! Up until that moment i had NEVER seen that weird image before, thank goodness! 🙂

    Similarly, there is NO such image shown in any Hungry Jack’s store, or merchandise, of an actual ‘Hungry Jack’. It’s just too weird!

    I believe the very essence of the One God exists in every one, and in every single particle there is or can be, ‘particularly’ those of which we consist. That this exists in many forms but especially in the form of vibration. Vibration allows for harmonic resonance between God and all that is. Hence we are all able to ‘tune’ into the Will of God. (If we wish to!)

    I believe in the pure logicality of numbers and their associated simple, yet complex, system we call mathematics.

    I believe Science is one of the two systems by which mankind can come to understand our relationship with the One God and the Universe in which we live. (The other being our individual Faith).

    I believe Love will bring us together! 🙂

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    • I enjoyed reading your beliefs, especially the one about science and faith. Of course, I believe something quite similar. Your last belief is wonderful too. I think we have to believe the same thing; to believe something else is just too depressing. And I like how you capitalized “Love”! 🙂

      Oh, yeah…that King is creepy. I can’t imagine why they thought he would sell hamburgers. Same thing with Ronald McDonald you’re right!

      Great to hear from you. I am going to find your post on certainty.


  21. I believe people have lost sight of the big picture and they become focused on the next thing. People constantly wonder how Hubster and I live on one paycheck when they are all working extra hours every day. I point out that it’s what you’re willing to sacrifice, many of them want a new car and a giant house and their nails done every week. That’s the tradeoff. By the way, I LOVE that you hold an umbrella over your dog! #GlobalBlogging

    Liked by 1 person

    • Unfortunately, I believe you are correct in your belief, Heather. Material things are not the most important in the whole scheme of things. Doing what makes you happy is the most important thing. Benji may be somewhat spoiled! 🙂

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