Grace in its Various Forms

Meditations in Motion

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10

We all have our own unique set of talents. Some of us can play softball; some can play bridge. There are individuals who are talented writers, violinists, conversationalists, or painters. Some people have the ability to put others immediately at ease in their presence; some can tell funny stories and jokes, scattering joy and laughter in their wake.

Each of us has the opportunity to use our talents to benefit others. When we bless others with our gifts, we reflect the power and the grace of God. If our abilities are used selfishly to garner praise and esteem, the glory is dissipated in an instant.

It is good to examine our motives when we share our gifts. Are we good stewards of God’s grace or looking for kudos?

*It is my plan to document the arrival of spring here in this corner of Southeastern Pennsylvania through the progression of blooming flowers. The first entry is Snowdrops (Galanthus). I found these little beauties on a sunny slope while walking my dog Benji.

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  1. I’ll look forward to you documenting Spring’s arrival, a mere month from today, by using flowers – so, stop and smell the flowers along the way while you are walking Benji I hope these snowdrops survived your brutal weather today Laurie. We dodged a bullet they said, though we still got some snow and had freezing rain, but it was not as bad as originally predicted … that’s okay with me.

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      • Benji will be dashing out and scurrying back home ASAP. We have had oddball weather. We didn’t get the snow, just a dusting, but got the ice and I hope it melts … right now it is 36 degrees and supposed to rain for the next several hours, then dropping the temps so the ice comes back. Spring cannot get here soon enough!

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      • When Bill and I were walking Benji this morning, ice was falling off the electrical wires in big chinks and crashing to the road. We had to hustle under the wires so we didn’t get hit. It was scary! We did see a bald eagle in an electrical tower right next to our neighbor’s house. I tried to take pictures, but he was pretty high up. He must have been affected by the ice storm too.

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      • These ice storms are amazing aren’t they? They have a crew that goes on the various expressways, where a pedestrian walkway crosses over the expressway, and they knock off the icicles as some have gotten so large they fall down on the vehicles going underneath. For some reason the pedestrian walkways collect water in a gutter that tends to form icicles. They are lethal looking!

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  2. Oh, what a great idea! I may join you in that spring watch–but you are miles ahead of us. We’re snow covered and getting a fresh coat today. I am forcing tulip bulbs on my window sill. Don’t know if they will actually bloom, but loving the fresh green color!

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    • The day after I took that picture we got a snow and ice storm that covered all the flowers and closed schools. Today was warm, though, so almost all of the snow is gone. It would be neat to watch spring advancing up the East Coast through flower photos!

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  3. Unfortunately we don’t see flowers up here for a long, long time. The ground is still covered in snow — lately it’s been that annoying little bit here, little bit there.

    I have to admit, it’s hard not to want to be praised for the things we do. Something I struggle with sometimes. And I don’t even like attention on myself, typically. Ironic, right?

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  4. I love the idea of documenting spring through pictures, Laurie. I did that when I first got on Instagram … every time something new bloomed in my flowerbeds, I took a pic with my trusty old iPhone 4. 🙂 Thanks for this reminder that God has given each of us gifts of grace that benefit others … I think women too often miss out on the joy of using those gifts because they are so enamored with gifts that other people have.

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  5. All of us have gifts even if at times, they are only a smile for a passer-by. We have much rain today but it is melting the snow from last week so I don’t mind it at all. It will be March at the end of the week and though we may get a storm or two yet, Spring almost here.

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    • Yes, something as simple as a smile can be a significant gift. We got the same rain here too. I am ready for all the snow to go away. Spring cannot come fast enough for me! 🙂


  6. Motives! That’s certainly something we need to spend considerable time pondering – and often! Doing our best to keep our hearts pure before the Lord certainly helps us to have the right motives, but it’s not often easy while living in these bodies of flesh. Spring?! I dare not even utter the word out loud. We’re having a blizzard as I type, and our winter snow total will probably be above 260″ before this storm is over. Love it, though!

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    • Yes, motives certainly matter. God knows what is in our hearts. Wow! 260″??? My son and his family live in Steamboat Springs, CO. I think that’s more than they got out there, and they get a lot of snow!


  7. My daughter gave a presentation in her Public Speaking class on that theme – we all have a talent/gift and none of us should have a “hidden talent” because we should be using it to bless others in some way. 🙂

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