Resolving Rash Resolutions

It is a trap to dedicate something rashly and only later to consider one’s vows. Proverbs 20:25

Meditations in Motion

I usually make New Year’s resolutions in a rush of excitement and enthusiasm. Because I don’t write them down, by April of most years I have trouble remembering exactly what I resolved in January. Did I intend, I wonder, to lose five pounds this year or to learn Spanish?

In recent years I have pared my pledges down to one per year. I am trying to narrow my focus, to concentrate on one self-improvement project at a time, to be less rash. It is my objective to consider my vows before I make them.

What did you resolve for 2019?


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  1. That’s a great idea, narrowing down to one thing. I read recently, that most New Year’s resolutions end up in the garbage can somewhere in the first fifteen days of January. Jokingly, I said last year I was going to open a new gym on January 1 for people and their resolution to fitness.

    On January 15, I was going to change the gym to a beer and wings pub. Seems most people’s fitness resolutions ended with a trip to the pub. Jokingly, I said that. lol

    Blessings to you and your family for 2019.

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  2. Great point, and I’m also being careful this year.
    To be honest, I’m not even choosing a word for the whole year or making any year long goals. I’m looking at January through March, and there’s a lot that needs doing in that space of time, so I”m prayerfully trusting for the juice to make it all happen.

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    • That’s a good plan, Michele. I will look forward to reading about your first-quarter goals. I’m betting you DO have the juice! 🙂 This year, I feel like my word found me.

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  3. Laurie, it’s so true – we forget our resolutions so quickly. The last few years I have gone the route of One Word. Staying mindful of the one word, and the Scriptures God aligns with that one word, has made such a difference in my life. My word for 2019 is “fruit”. I am desiring that my life bear much fruit to His glory not mine, and that the fruit of His Spirit be grown in my life in abundance. Happy New Year, friend!

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  4. I have a lofty professional resolution, and I’ll let you know next December how far I get with that one 🙂 My personal resolutions are modest: keep track of my reading list, keep in better touch with my far-flung friends and family, and reduce my consumption of half-and-half. I salute your resolve to focus on one thing at a time, which pretty much encapsulates my professional goal this year!

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    • Oooh! Focusing on one thing at a time in a school setting would have been next-to-impossible for me. Good luck with that one! Maybe I will adopt your reading list resolution. I see end-of-year book lists from other bloggers and wish I could remember all the books I read over the course of the year. I keep a running log; I should keep a reading one too.

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  5. Wise decision! I’ve come around to the “one word” resolution and this year it’s Praise. I want to “praise him anyways,” in all situations. Thankfully it’s recommended to do so in the bible so I don’t feel too out of line! 😉 Good luck with your resolution!

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  6. I vowed not to make anymore food resolutions, except to drink more water. I want to learn how to use the DSLR camera this year instead of using it on automatic and I must become more organized in my life. I was so organized once upon a time … what happened to that girl, er … woman? I feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants half the time. Must. Get. Organized. You have an exciting year coming up Laurie – I know it was wonderful for you and Bill to watch the calendar page flip over to 2019.

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    • Organization is a good resolution. I could definitely use some improvement in that department too. We were excited to welcome in the new life for us that comes with the new year!

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      • Amazingly I was more organized when I worked on site than since I’ve worked from home … sadly, the blogging has contributed to my lack of organization as well and I’m not going to stop it, but I do know it is the origin of it (likely this pain in my shoulder as well) … sitting all these hours at the computer. I’ll have to find a workaround for the sitting. Yesterday I stood up the entire day, except for when I drove the car to the Park to walk. That works okay on non-work days.

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  7. Love your dandelion! 🙂

    To not rush into rashly making my resolution(s)! 😉
    To know myself better – because ‘knowledge is power’ (but APPLIED knowledge is more powerful – AKIMP)
    To catch myself when i am applying old and out-dated beliefs to people or situations to ‘judge’ them, so as to learn how to treat people on their merits and not on my inbuilt prejudice! (Prejudice is what you see so easily in another but fail to see in your own behaviour).

    On ‘balance’: the thought occurred to me this morning that the Principle of Balance means that the more we increase our ability to do Good (affecting others) the more also we increase the possibility of doing evil… if we only follow our own will, intentions or our own present understandings.

    God luck with your ‘focus’ and your running! Hip all good now?

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    • Great resolutions! I am also working on prejudice and being judgemental. I have applied to join a FB group that has really made me think. It is called “Be the Bridge to Racial Unity”. You must answer some questions before being allowed in the group on a 3-month trial membership. During those 3 months, you have homework. There are assigned readings, videos and podcasts you must view. Several of the videos are quite good and have made me think a lot about prejudice (what is that Bible quote about worrying about the speck in your brother’s eye but not seeing the plank in your own eye?).

      I think your thoughts on balance are exactly right. I think some pastors get lost in their own “celebrity” and wind up doing more harm than good. A few televangelists come to mind. In my mind, it all has to do with the negation of “self”. When we are too full of our “selves” there is no room for God’s light to shine through us.

      Hip is still on the mend. I think it will take months to fully heal. Thanks for asking!

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  8. I agree, resolutions are soon forgotten. I have had a word for the year the last few years. I wasn’t sure if it would work at first but I have been surprised by how effective it has been. My word for 2019 is Truth.

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  9. This post made me giggle. Been there, done that! 😉 I agree with what Joanne said above. Narrowing down to One word seems to help reign in my focus for the year. I only recently started doing that, and I have been so blessed by it! Considering our vows before we make them is important!

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  10. The same happens with my WORD for the year. I go to choose a new and then realize that I had never thought about my previous word or even remembered what it was. LOL

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  11. My resolution for the year is the same as it has been for many – to read my Bible and a devotional every day. There have been times when I’ve read my Bible through 2 or 3 times a year. Maybe I thought I was getting extra points for sheer volume? Nowadays, I concentrate more on reading through it thoughtfully and chronologically – and really attempt to apply it to my heart. “How can this change my life today?”

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  12. Instead of rash resolutions I’ve been on the one word focus bandwagon for 8 years now. Each year God has led me to a word and it’s been quite profound for me.

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  13. Seems every year, I start out resolving to hit the gym and do even a little. But, soon, I’m into other things and don’t want to drive there. I’ve pretty much giving up any resolutions though because I too will forget to stay focused as something else draws my attention like crafting, sewing, or a TV show I want to binge on now that I’ve been retired. Thanks for visiting and linking with Sunday Scripture Blessings. I look forward to visiting your blog each week. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Peabea. I look forward to your Sunday morning get-together and reading your posts too! It’s amazing how busy life can be in retirement, isn’t it?


  14. We’ve narrowed down to just one thing or a focus too. I also make a “bucket list” of things I’d like to do during the year, which aren’t really resolutions, but I guess I resolve to check those things off the list! They are fun little things just for me like getting my nails done, things to do with the family, projects I’d like to work on, and everyday things like sending mail to college students I know or inviting people over for dinner regularly.

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  15. I totally agree! I have one main goal this year also, but it is so big that other small ones must fall in line also. I actually had to truly consider this vow before making it and set up some accountability because I know it’s going to be a tough one. Thanks for this perspective. Happy New Year!

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