What a Difference A Day Makes

I live in southeastern Pennsylvania, where we have been having an unusual fall, weatherwise. The typical date for our first frost is between October 11 and October 25. As of November 8, we still had no frost. Later that week, we did have a light frost, but still no hard freeze. Our temperatures have been unusually mild. Here is a picture I took of our dianthus on November 14.

Meditations in Motion

And here is a picture of the same dianthus on November 15.

Meditations in Motion

What a difference a day makes!

Everything can change in a heartbeat, so hug your loved ones extra tight. Say “I love you” often. Appreciate your blessings.

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  1. You are definitely right!

    And it’s been snowing almost non stop here — thankfully just a dusting here & there since our bigger storm last Friday. I’m hoping the brief warmer temps after Thanksgiving will get rid of the snow . . . for now.

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      • I think we would have been happy to see it that warm, but then again, other than to collect Wednesday’s mail, I didn’t leave the house.

        And yet I wracked up almost 7 miles yesterday — only 3.5 were on the treadmill!

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  2. That’s crazy weather, but living here in Wisconsin, we can have the same one-day change. I’m only hoping the recent snow and cold isn’t a foreshadowing of what’s to come this winter.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day and Happy Wednesday!

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  3. I love the title β€œWhat a difference a day makes” because it’s true! I love your positivity and zest for life and willingness to look at life in a deeper way. I try to catch myself often to either slow down, smell the dianthus before a frost, and to have a kind, encouraging word to offer others. Because I don’t know what tomorrow holds!

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  4. Truer words were never spoken. P.S. – those poor flowers, perky one day and covered in that awful white stuff the next! Like you, I’m no fan of snow. We have temps in the teens tonight … I’ve never bundled up that much on Thanksgiving Day before – the weather for this entire year has been “off”. Happy Thanksgiving Laurie.

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