Runfessions – August Edition

Meditations in Motion

Fellow runners, it is time, once again, to bare our souls for Runfessions.

Meditations in Motion

My biggest runfession this month is, of course, my disaster marathon. I won’t dredge up all of the awful details, but for those of you who haven’t read about it, you can find the awful details here.

I knew that I was undertrained for the race; I knew that I had hip issues; I knew that it would be a slow race. What I didn’t realize was how much damage I was doing to my hip by completing the race. I haven’t been able to run since the marathon. As in, I haven’t been able to run at all. Friends and family know that not running makes me a little bit, umm…let’s call it high strung. Maybe tightly wound. Not pleasant to be around. You get the picture.

I talked to Simon, the fitness director at our rec center, about it. Simon was once a professional runner under contract to Nike. When his career was cut short by injury, he came to the United States, willing to work any job – pizza delivery guy, trash man, whatever was available. He is so kind and so personable that when he got his current job at our local rec center, the entire community immediately fell in love with him.

Simon told me “No problem! You will do water running. I will set up your fitness schedule personally.” This lifted my spirits immediately. There is no one I know who is better than Simon to give advice to athletes, and I have the Marine Corps Marathon coming up in two months.

Meditations in Motion

Unfortunately, I must runfess, water running hurt the ankle that I injured in a trail race in June. You can read about that here. Back to square one. Ugh! I am hoping for a miracle at this point. Did I learn my lesson by running the Tunnel Marathon on a sore hip? No, no! Of course not. I figure I can always walk the Marine Corps Marathon. There is a 7.5-hour time limit, which should be plenty of time for me to finish if I walk briskly.


Mdeditations in Motion
My hubby Bill and me running the Dirty German 25k in a downpour, but still laughing. This is one of the races currently sitting in my inbox.


I must runfess that my email inbox is getting pretty full. I get tons of emails advertising various races. Most runners do. I just delete emails from races I am not interested in, but there are several from races that I would really like to do. Some of them include discounts if I act by a certain time. The races are for late fall, winter, and even next spring.

I can’t delete the emails, because I would really like to do the races. I can’t sign up for the races, because I am injured and don’t know what my recovery timeline will look like. Right now, I am in racing limbo – not a pleasant place to be.

Meditations in Motion

I have one final runfession that puts all of my other runfessions in perspective. Last weekend was a milestone anniversary for Bill and me. We are taking a trip to Italy next month to celebrate, but we wanted a little celebration on our actual anniversary, so we did a quick weekend at a bed and breakfast about an hour away from our home.

There was a birthday party going on at the bed and breakfast when we checked in. The guest of honor was a woman about my age who looked to be very trim and fit, with stylish short blond hair.

Her 30-year-old daughter was giving a toast to her mom. As part of the toast, after some glowing tributes, she said that she was trying to remember something that her mom had done wrong so she could rib her about it a little bit. She couldn’t think of anything. I remember thinking “Boy, if my kids were giving me a toast, they would have plenty of ammunition. I have made so many mistakes.

The next morning at breakfast, I was talking to the birthday woman. She confided in me that she is battling a very aggressive form of cancer and was never expected to make it to this birthday. She was very proud of her daughter for giving the toast and so thankful for her friends and family who gathered to celebrate.

This made me feel ashamed for complaining about a sore hip and reminded me just how incredibly lucky I am to have the health, determination and financial ability to travel and run races, something I love to do. I have no right to whine. I resolved to do better.

Thank you for allowing me to runfess. I feel cleaner and lighter already. See you next month for September’s Runfessions.

I am linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for their Friday 5, and Marcia’s Healthy Slice for our monthly Runfessions.




  1. Oh man, how did water running hurt your ankle? Having only seen people do it, I’m having a hard time envisioning it. Do you go to the doc and find out what’s going on with your hip? I”m sorry you are in racing limbo… not being able to run sucks. When I can’t run, I do more lifting and figure out if there is any other cardio activity I can do… def not the same as running though, but fills the void a little bit! Take care and give your body and soul some TLC.

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  2. It really is all about perspective, right? You will come back and you’ll be stronger, physically and mentally! I trained for Big Sur on cycling and pool running while I battled PF. Not ideal, but I crossed the finish line and that was the goal.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Wendy. I started doing the elliptical at the rec. I have no hip pain from the elliptical. At least I can maintain a little bit of fitness that way. 🙂


  3. I can’t believe that water running is hurting your ankle. 😦 I also think that the universe is trying to send you a message. At first it’s a whisper . . . then again I’ve never had a DNS so what do I know? I’ve been lucky.

    I am grateful every day for good healthy.

    But here’s the thing — of course we should be grateful — but the thing is, they’re YOUR troubles, and while of course someone else’s troubles can put things into perspective — it’s okay to be upset about your troubles, too. Just not to wallow in it, of course!

    I’m so sorry you can’t do your favorite stress release. I hope PT goes well & everything comes together for you! And we should totally do Mr. Hood. Just sayin’. 🙂

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    • I just got an email today from the friend I did the Washington marathon with, asking me if I want to do a Revel race. I told her that you and I had been talking about Mt. Hood. I think it’s a sign! She did another Revel race and said it was very well-planned. I am reluctant to sign up for any race right now, though. I have to give the PT a chance to work some magic! 🙂

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      • I don’tat all blame you about being reluctant (although they do have a VERY generous defer/transfer policy).

        As I said, I have a couple of friends who have done Revel races. They rave about them. And I do have another person interested.

        I’m waiting on it a bit too. But it definitely moved high up on the list!

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  4. Oh, so sorry to hear about your plague of injuries! I hope you come up with a plan C soon! I am still trying to plan something for our milestone anniversary (30!) but other things keep interfering. I know my kids have long lists of things I’ve done wrong …. hopefully that won’t be how they remember me. 😉

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  5. That is interesting that the water running hurt your ankle. I have been loving the fluid running program I got last month and it seems so good for my calf and achilles. Sorry to hear that your hip is bothering you so much.

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    • Yes. The water resistance pushes my foot in a way that my ankle doesn’t like. I tried it last summer (the first time I injured my hip), and water running worked great. Glad it’s working for you!


  6. I have really painful low back pain from an injury last month and have been using the elliptical as well to ensure low impact. I also found I really enjoy cardio kickboxing in the interim. There are a few free videos on YouTube I love on Popsugar by Christa Dipaola if you think that would be a good fit for you. She does great at offering modifications for impact, and it definitely gets your heart rate up, but there is a bit of twisting that might hurt your hip, I don’t know. Good luck!

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    • I will have to check out the videos. they also offer free Body Combat classes at my rec center. thanks for the tip! Hope your back pain goes away soon!


  7. Never feel ashamed about complaining about a sore “anything” or anything at all. We’ve all been there.

    As you mentioned Simon running for Nike, I wanted to share my Physical therapist was also a runner for Nike! Ironically enough, he shared with me that Nikes are the cheapest made running shoe. Glad I don’t wear those anyway! Have a good weekend and thanks for linking up with us.

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  8. I’m so bummed that water running didn’t work out for you. I think I told you I DNS’d two marathons: Twin Cities and Philly back in 2011 because of a sore hip. In hindsight I feel like I got a “little greedy” signing up for two so close together and my body had other plans.
    Glad to hear the elliptical is working for you. injuries sucks but you’re right about perspective. It can always be worse. hang in there.

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    • 2011 was the year I did Philly with my hubby. We both really liked it, but he didn’t do another marathon from then until Berlin last year. Thanks for the encouragement!


  9. I had a similar epiphany last summer while recovering from my unexpected surgery. Although I think I had a good attitude, I also was pretty envious of all the runners who were out there, enjoying the summer in their running shoes. A lot of them were complaining about the heat, and I would have gladly traded places with them…them it dawned on me that even though I had to refrain from running for three months, I could still walk. And there were probably others who had injuries far worse than mine and they’d probably gladly trade places with ME. ((gulp)) The big picture is always there if we look beyond our current circumstances 😉

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  10. I’m sorry to hear about your injuries. Have you thought of doing intervals for your races? That’s how I’ve been running the past few years ( did the Big Sur marathon twice doing intervals) and I think it’s really helped me not get injured especially with longer runs. Just a thought – I know some hard core runners are “ interval averse”!

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