Tell Me a Tale in 120 Words: An Indelible Imprint

Meditations in Motion

The first Thursday of each month brings TMAT 120 from Joelle at Two on a Rant. Anyone can participate – even if you don’t have a blog – by writing your response in the comment section of her post. This is the fifth time I have attempted to tell a tale in 120 words or less (it’s harder than it seems). To read my first four short, short tales, click here, here, here, and here. This month’s prompt is: An event that left an indelible imprint on your mind.

Meditations in Motion

I have always known my hubby is heroic, but in this story, he showed everyone around us just how heroic he is. Here goes:

We had driven five contentious hours with two young children to show our youngest sons the majesty and power of the famous falls. Our middle son’s immediate response was “Huh! I thought it would be bigger.”  Kids!

We retired to our hotel and were relaxing in the pool when another young family arrived. Their little boy hopped off the diving board, into the pool to play with our sons.

Unfortunately, he could not swim! My hubby quickly jumped into the pool after the little guy, pulled him to safety, and made sure he was OK. After a brief recovery, the boy made a beeline to rejoin his family, who were still checking in.

A potential tragedy had a happy ending!

Whew! Exactly 120 words.



  1. Kids are like that — take them someplace fascinating and they want to watch TV. 🙂

    I’ll bet that watching their dad save a child left an indelible imprint on your children, too.

    What a marvelous TMAT120 story.

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