My Bucket List: a Fabulous Marathon

Meditations in Motion

I have done a bunch of marathons in my life. At one time I used to do three or four a year. My rule for marathons is: never do the same one more than once. Nope! I have never done the same marathon twice, not even Boston.

As readers of this blog know, I am currently registered for two marathons – Tunnel Vision Marathon in Washington state in August and Marine Corps Marathon in October. Unfortunately, I am burned out with marathon training so these might be the last ones I do for a while. My plan for after October is to concentrate on shorter, funner races.

There is one marathon that I would consider altering that plan for, however. It is held in France each September, the Marathon du Medoc.

Meditations in Motion

Officially called Le Marathon des Chateaux du Medoc, it is held in the town of Medoc in the Bordeaux region of France. Most of the participants run in costume, but not just any costume. Each year there is a theme. For 2018 the theme is “Amusement Park“. Your costume must fit in with the theme.

Meditations in Motion

The pre-race pasta dinner is held in Chateau Marquis de Terme in Margaux. Here, you and 1400 of your closest friends will dine on pasta in a beautiful chateau and vineyard located on the marathon route. Or you can opt for the “Pâtes-à-Caisse” meal in the Saint Estèphe festival hall, which includes singing, dancing, and a lot of pre-race wine.

Meditations in Motion

Concerned about drinking wine before a marathon? Don’t be. In the Marathon du Medoc, there are 23 wine stops. Yes. During the marathon. Of course, you can also get water, which might be a good idea, especially early in the race. Also served at the aid stations: steak, oysters, pate de Fois Gras, cheese, fruit, waffles, ice cream, and other local specialties. No gel packs here!

Meditations in Motion

The race winds its way along picturesque country roads in the heart of Bordeaux wine country. The famous Chateau Lafite Rothschild is approximately the halfway point of the race, and runners have been known to cool off by jumping in the Chateau’s lake. You cannot linger too long at the lake, however, because there is a 6 hour 30 minute time limit for the race.

Meditations in Motion

After the race, there is wine tasting (of course there is) at the Village hall of St Estephe, followed by a show and fireworks.

Meditations in Motion

The following day, marathoners are invited to a 10k “Recovery Walk” along part of the race course, including – wait for it – more wine tasting at vineyards on the route. Walkers are entertained by live bands along the way. A luncheon follows the walk at Chateau Lamothe Bergeron with singing, dancing and, you guessed it, wine.

10,000 people run the Marathon du Medoc each year, and each year registration sells out in less than a day. The marathon’s website does not tell you the exact date registration opens, only “early March“. Potential racers tell stories of religiously checking the website each day beginning in late February in order to secure a spot.

I think this is the type of race I would enjoy training for. I have little doubt I could cross the finish line of a marathon in 6 1/2 hours so my training would not consist of running. My training would have to consist of learning to drink all that wine! If that is not the definition of “fabulous” in marathoning, I don’t know what is.


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  1. I like your motto of never doing the same marathon more than once. So far I’ve done 3 marathons – all different and in different states too. If I continue to do marathons, I will continue this theme, lol.

    Le Marathon des Chateaux du Medoc sounds amazing!

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  2. Sacre bleu! You almost make a marathon sound appealing. Almost 😉 We are heading to Normandy in August to stay at a chateau with friends celebrating a milestone birthday. Pretty fancy stuff for us yokels. Lots of walking, LOTS of wine, but no running, I’m pretty sure. Good thing you take care of that for me 🙂

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  3. I don’t have much desire to run a marathon, but I think I could make an exception for this one! Although I have very little alcohol tolerance, so I’d have to save the wine for afterwards.

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  4. I obviously didn’t follow your “run a marathon only one time” plan. I’ve run the Marine Corps ten times, Baltimore five times, Marathon in the Parks five times, Boston twice, etc…The first three were local and just too convenient to not run multiple times, plus I loved the challenge of running three marathons in four weeks and BQ’ing at all three (those were the days).

    The Marathon du Medoc sounds like one I could still train for, especially using your training plan! LOL You’ve got to run it and live tweet from the race. It would be hilarious to read your tweets from the the later stages of the race after multiple wine tastings! 😉

    Thanks for linking up!

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  5. Now that is q bucket list marathon. I am spending a few days in that region in Oct. I can’t wait since I have never visited that part of France. Just as exciting visiting the wine country as running in Paris (well, almost).

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  6. I’ve heard of it, but my guess is 6 hours 30 minutes could be challenging for me! Plus, I don’t drink. I do love to eat, but I can’t imagine eating stuff like that during a marathon.

    I’m not a fast walker, either, but maybe if I could train to walk a little faster I could just consider it to be a food tour. 🙂

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