Tell Me a Tale in 120 Words: Writer’s Block

two on a rant

The first Thursday of each month brings TMAT 120 from Joelle at Two on a Rant. Anyone can participate – even if you don’t have a blog – by writing your response in the comment section of her post. This is the fourth time I have attempted to tell a tale in 120 words or less (it’s harder than it seems). To read my first three short, short tales, click here, here and here. This month’s prompt is: describe your cure for writer’s block.

Come on! Everyone who reads this blog knows what I am going to say before I write it. This is probably stating the obvious, but here goes!

Meditations in Motion

I don’t get writer’s block. I have a curated list of potential topics that is several pages long. Maybe it’s because I have not been blogging very long. Maybe because my mind is always racing, never still. Maybe because I am a former school teacher, and everyone knows we don’t shut up – ever! Maybe because I am a runner.


Meditations in Motion

When I run, I don’t listen to music or carry a phone. I channel my own internal conversation. Running is zen, a moment where I am entirely in the present, allowing my thoughts to flow like water over a stream bed. All I must do is catch one as it drifts by, and, “Voila!” – a topic! It never fails.






  1. Laurie, I love this! I need to get more in tune with my thoughts so I don’t get writer’s block. Although I do keep a running list of topics I want to discuss. So while I am never without a topic to write about, I often feel just uninspired to write in general. Maybe I have been blogging for too long! Nah. That can’t be the case. I love writing and blogging and sharing my thoughts on various topics of life. I perhaps need to just clear my head better and turn off some of the unnecessary noise to allow the valuable thoughts to make their way to the surface! You know, embrace my boredom! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!


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    • So glad you commented. I visited your blog page and found your Tuesday link up. I will definitely participate!

      Love the phrase “embrace my boredom”! I think being in my own head when I run long distances is what inspires me to write. It IS true – that is when all the best thoughts surface.


  2. I love how you talk about running as ‘zen’. It’s so beautiful to just immerse ourselves in the experience and let the thoughts flow, rather than letting them be run by some forced stimulus. Of course we all need music in our lives, but sometimes the best beats to dance to are those of our own unique melody! 🙂

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    • What a beautiful way to put it! I just read your post on mindfulness and loved it. Anything we can do to turn off the “narrator” who lives in our minds (and never shuts up!) can allow us to be fully in the present. For me, that is running. Other people get to the same point by different paths.

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