Be Open to the Evolution of You

Meditations in Motion

This morning I ran the very first route I ever ran. When I was learning to run long distances, I would go out my driveway, turn left and run uphill to the end of my street. Then I would turn left again and run uphill to the top of the ridge north of my house. At the top of the ridge, I looped around and came back home again. Before phone apps, Garmins and MapMyRun, I drove the route and measured the distance using the odometer on my car – three miles.

I never ran with a watch in those days, but I am sure I did not run very fast. I never raced, never ran with anyone except (occasionally) my oldest son who was required to run for soccer, and took frequent walk breaks, especially early in my running career.

Meditations in Motion

I was in my early thirties, a young mother of three boys, working full time. I was impatient, restless and frequently frazzled. Running was my chance to have 30 glorious minutes to myself. It made me feel accomplished and strong. It helped to burn off my considerable anxiety. Running was something I did just for me. I ran in rain, snow and sub-zero temperatures. Nothing could keep me from going out the door at the scheduled time, even if that time was 5:00 a.m.

When I think back to the young woman who was me, it is sometimes hard to recognize her. The full-time job, the boys and the frayed feelings are gone. But the running remains. Running has helped to transform me into a different person, one whom I like a lot better than the person I was 30 years ago.

Meditations in Motion

We are constantly evolving into ourselves. We cannot go back to be the person we were earlier in life. Like a tree, we add rings as time goes by. Our environment influences those rings. The rings we add are ones that are not visible at a glance. If we are fortunate enough to have beneficial factors shaping us, the rings we add are those of patience, compassion, and integrity. As we get older, we accumulate authenticity, empathy, and gratitude. We develop the courage to be ourselves.

Meditations in Motion

Like a tree sheds its leaves in autumn, we discard the parts of ourselves we no longer have the energy to maintain such as resentments, judgementalism, and defensiveness. I have found any resentment I feel hurts me far more than the person it is directed toward. Condemning another person does not lift me. Defensiveness is a waste of time. No one believes excuses anyway, and rationalizations encourage dishonesty towards others and ourselves. We eventually realize that putting up walls is no way to solve problems or encourage communication.

Long after those tortuous three mile runs up to the top of the ridge and back, I did start racing and running with other people, especially my hubby. That made a good thing even better. I got faster, stronger and more savvy, and I was able to share my passion with others who felt the same way I did. Running friends are wonderful friends. Running gives them confidence, which engenders generosity and acceptance.

30 years ago, that three-mile run was my maximum distance. I was deliciously spent and clean at the end of each trip to the top of the ridge and back. Now a three-mile run is the shortest training run I do. I am training for a marathon, so I did it this morning at marathon pace (or maybe, more accurately, what I hope is marathon pace). I did the same route, but everything else has changed. Physically, my running is different, better, even though I am older. Emotionally, I have added some rings that I appreciate and dropped some leaves that no longer serve me.

My technology has changed too. I no longer measure the distance of my runs with my car odometer. You know what? When I got back from my run, I found out that my three-mile run isn’t a three mile run at all. It’s actually 2.99 miles. Whaaaat??? Now I will somehow have to figure out how to add .01 miles to the route. Even when I first started running, I could never round mileage up in my running log. Some things never change.

Meditations in Motion


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  1. “We develop the courage to be ourselves.”, this part. Great post. It is a constant journey to authenticity. I’ve always said I wanted to run, even bought a few pair of running shoes, and never took the initative to just start. I will now. Thank you!!!

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  2. This beautiful post completely captures how I feel about running. LIke you, I started running in my 30s. Running helped me burn off stress and anxiety. Running still helps me do that, but it has transformed me! I’m still a work in progress, but I like where I’m at.

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  3. Well, I have to admit to the judgementalism (is that a word?) & the resentment sometimes. Too much. I know it doesn’t serve me but . . . well, as you write, we are all a work in progress. We should ALWAYS be evolving!

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  4. I love the way you’ve incorporated running into your spiritual practices. And I know exactly what you meant when you talked about being a different person at this stage of life. One of our challenges is to be kind to and about that other person we remember.

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  5. Isn’t it funny how things change yet so much stays the same. I started running when I was 30 and although I don’t know if I’ll still be running in another 30 years, I do know that the time I’ve spent running has definitely enhanced my life!

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  6. What a great post. I used to love running, though was never strong at it even though I used to go 3 times a week.

    Something I would love to get back I to, though my right angle if *technical term* knackered. Loved your story

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  7. This is so true! It’s definitely interesting to think about my journey as a runner. I’m such a different person than I was when I started about 15 years ago, but some things never change. It’s weird to think that 3 miles used to be such a long run and now it’s pretty much the shortest run I’ll do.

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  8. Love all of your metaphors today Running has definitely transformed into another person and continues to help me shed beliefs and relationships that don’t make me happy and add and build ones that do

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  9. What a wonderful post! I especially like your sentence about having the courage to be ourselves. I used to run and loved it, but after hip surgery, I now prefer walking and yoga. ‘Part of the evolution, I guess. 😉 Thank you for sharing these wise words at Words on Wednesday! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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    • It does take courage to be ourselves. So sorry you had to stop running, but walking and yoga are great too! Thank you for the opportunity to share!


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