The Best Day of the Whole Year!!!

I didn’t know when I woke up this morning that it was going to be The Best Day of the Whole Year!!!

Meditations in Motion

It seemed like a normal Wednesday in late May. I woke up, ate a little breakfast, walked the dog and threw on some running clothes. I had plans to meet a friend to do a trail run. (Side note: I don’t run on the trails alone anymore. There was a lone woman attacked by a knife-wielding stranger on a local trail, which dampened my enthusiasm for solo trail runs.) My trail running friend is also a former chemistry teacher, so we have a lot to talk about while we run.

Meditations in Motion

We did about 80 minutes on The Horseshoe Trail, which left us sweaty, tired, and with muddy feet after the recent rains. As we parted, I told him that I was headed to a local greenhouse to buy some annuals to plant in my flower beds today. I began driving in the direction of the greenhouse, when I felt an internal voice calling me in the direction of the strawberry farm.

Meditations in Motion

My relationship with local, fresh strawberries is deep, intense and abiding. Sure, I buy grocery store strawberries out of season, but I think they really shouldn’t be able to label them as strawberries. They are not the same thing at all. They are the same as fresh strawberries like jumbo lump crab meat is the same as “krab” processed seafood sticks. They should have to call them pstrawberries. The p is for “pseudo“.

When strawberry season nears, I obsessively check the berry farm’s website like some people (I’m thinking of you, honey) check the stock market report multiple times a day. Shenk’s Berry Farm sells fresh-picked strawberries for about four weeks in late May and June. You can also pick your own berries there, but not at the very beginning of the season. The website usually gives strawberry aficionados like me warning of their impending arrival, but there were no recent updates, so I decided to take a chance.

Meditations in Motion

As I approached the farm, I could see a person in the gazebo where freshly picked strawberries are sold, a good sign. My heart began to race, and my palms to sweat. There were some cars in the parking lot. I pulled into a space and walked up to the stand, a sweaty, muddy mess. There were two pints of berries left. I bought them and carried them back to the car with shaking hands. The Best Day of the Whole Year!!!

I brought the berries home and rinsed one pint. Standing at my kitchen window, watching a cardinal and a family of house wrens flitting around outside, I absently popped a strawberry into my mouth every once in a while. I was aware of the fresh, sweet, tangy strawberry flavor exploding on my tongue with every new berry. So unlike the artificially ripened berries shipped across the country. I soon looked down in horror to realize that I had eaten the whole pint!

Meditations in Motion

I eat fresh strawberries every day of the season. Some will be made into strawberry pie, strawberry ice cream and strawberry jam, but most of them will be eaten just plain, right out of the box. They are best if you don’t refrigerate them. In Lancaster County strawberry shortcake is eaten for dinner as a main course, rather than as dessert. We know how to have a good time here in farm country!

My hubby made me promise that I will save some of the second pint for him, and I will. I am now debating with myself how to define “some“. Could three berries be considered “some“? Four? Two? I consider it a measure of my love for him that I promise to save any berries at all on the first day of strawberry season, but I am in a good mood. After all, it is The Best Day of the Whole Year!!!


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  1. The strawberries and celery are almost enough to make me give up programming and become a farmer. :). Wish you could save some strawberries for me!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooo! I love them with my yogurt at lunchtime and I bought strawberries yesterday as well and they were the best strawberries I’ve had in years! Enjoy! Yummmmmm!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m scared to run trail alone too! That is so terrifying and basically my worst nightmare… Did they catch the guy?
    I did not realize strawberry shortcake for the main course was a thing in Lancaster? Is it an Amish tradition? My grandma is PA Dutch so I thought I knew about all the weird Central PA food!

    Liked by 1 person

    • They did not catch the guy, but the woman got away.She wasn’t hurt, just shaken up. Not sure if shortcake for dinner is an Amish tradition or not. I doubt it – my family was Quaker, not Amish.


  4. Fresh strawberries from the farm are absolutely amazing! We’re actually trying to grow some at home, I can’t wait to try them!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. We had strawberry plants in the backyard for a couple of years until some weird fungus took over. But it was amazing while it lasted. We had more strawberries than we knew what to do with!!

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  6. You must have been beaming strawberry thoughts so powerfully as you were writing this that they reached me all the way here in Napa Valley. I promise you I am not making this up, but this morning I had a sudden, spontaneous urge for strawberry shortcake — the kind pictured in your blog, with a proper biscuit-style shortcake, perfect fresh berries, and proper whipped cream (nothing out of a can!). It has been far too long since such a creation has visited my mouth. This must change.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We must be on the same wavelength!!! That’s the kind of shortcake I love for dessert. For dinner, we had more of a cake-y shortcake in a bowl with milk, sugar and lots of berries! 🙂


  7. I really wanted to get out to a nursery so I could plant a small garden — it’s been a couple of years — and I definitely want to plant strawberries again! I have a couple of blueberry bushes, too — they don’t produce much, but what they do is delicious.

    My husband kind of complains about it when I give him berries, actually! The man doesn’t have a lot of range when it comes to freggies.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Yikes — I’m glad you have a trail running buddy. While I’m not crazy about strawberry flavored anything, I do appreciate a fresh strawberry. For Mother’s Day, one of my kids dipped some in chocolate and then rolled them in coconut. They were amazing and as big as small apples. In general, I don’t like to refrigerate fruit or berries because the colder it is, the less flavor you get. Thanks for linking!.

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