Turkey Hill Country Classic 5k Race Report

Meditations in Motion

The Turkey Hill Country Classic is a race that I have heard my friends rave about for years. It is a local race that started out small, but it has grown to include a 5k, 10k, half marathon and bike races.

I did three fairly tough races in April, so I wanted a fun race to start out the month of May. A friend asked me to do the Broad St. 10 miler with her, and I love that race, but it was longer than I wanted, plus logistics for that point-to-point race are, ummm….involved. A local 5k was a better fit.

Meditations in Motion

My hubby Bill and I woke up to our usual alarm, walked the dog, and set off for Millersville, PA, a half hour drive. Parking was easy and close to the start of the race, registration was a breeze, lots of our running club friends met us at the start, and there were indoor bathrooms to use before the race (a big plus!)

The half marathon had started before we arrived, and we watched the 10k start right on time. The 5k runners lined up, there was a brief prayer, and we were off!

Meditations in Motion

I am doing my own little project where I am trying to run a series of 5k races and get faster with every one. The first race that I did in this series had a course that was pancake flat. The Turkey Hill race started out as flat, but soon became gently rolling. There were no monster hills on the course, but there were one or two that got your attention around the halfway point.

The first mile was marked, and there was a volunteer standing at the mark calling out times. What a great perk! I do wear a watch when I run, but almost never look at it – I want to run by feel. I felt great, and my time was good at the one mile marker. Then came the hills. They were not too bad, but I could feel myself slowing down slightly.

The course flattened out, we turned the corner and hit the two mile mark, and again there was a volunteer calling out times. Sure enough, I ran the second mile about 45 seconds slower than the first.

The third mile was mostly flat, and I could pick up my speed again. When we turned the last corner and headed for the finish line, we were joined by some half marathoners who had started about an hour and 20 minutes before we did. The course was never crowded, though.

Meditations in Motion

I crossed the finish line in 26:41 – 4 seconds slower than my first race in the 5k series. Ugh! I was disappointed. My disappointment decreased, however, when I found out that I won my age group. Bill got third in his very competitive age group.

Meditations in Motion

There was plenty to do while waiting for the awards ceremony. Turkey Hill donated chocolate milk (any race with chocolate milk at the end gets an A+ from me), ice cream, iced tea and other drinks. There was popcorn, chips, Cheetos (a race with chocolate milk and Cheetos??? Yes, please!), hot dogs and fruit. There were free bouncy amusements for the kids, the Phillie Phanatic entertaining the crowd, games, and music and a giant cow. You could also watch the bike riders getting ready for their races. It was a wonderful party!

Meditations in Motion

Bill and I collected our awards and headed for home to do more yard work. Yay! (That’s a sarcastic “Yay!, in case you couldn’t tell.) This is a race that I will definitely do again. There was a lot to love about it. I might try one of the longer races next time, but I really liked the 5k. It’s a dilemma that I will ponder for next year. Now I must find another 5k in June to continue my 5k project. I will look for one with a flat course this time!


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  1. Awesome job on the AG win! I don’t consider myself a competitive runner, but I do like to attempt to better my 5K finish times. Although I do more distance races than 5K’s, I’ve done so many over the years that the PR’s are getting more and more difficult. That said, my current PR was set on a very flat (and “fast”) course, so I don’t beat myself up too much if I run a not-so-flat course and miss beating the finish time. Good luck on your 5K series!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I typically do longer distances too, but I do love a fast 5k. I am long past the age where I can PR. I am just hoping to slow down my rate of slowing down! Thank you!


  2. I have no illusions that my next 5k, hopefully in a couple of weeks, will be faster. It’s in a new location, so the course is a bit of a mystery, but I’m pretty sure it will include a big ole hill (with hopefully the downhill to pick up some speed). My simple hope is to run a smarter race this time! If it’s pouring, it’ll be a donation.

    Anyway, I think you did great! You are definitely speedy and it’s not surprise to me that you won your AG. Flat vs rolling hills — and only 4 seconds slower? Winning in my book!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Herr’s snack foods was one of the sponsors, so there were little bags of chips, pretzels and cheese puffs for the runners. It’s pretty common here, since Herr’s is located in our county.


    • There are some local races where you do not even have to select an option until after you have started the race! 5k’s are actually not my favorite distance. I like 15 – 25k’s best. You have to run too fast in a 5K!


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