Tell Me a Tale in 120 Words: A Defining Moment

Meditations in Motion

Joelle, at Two On a Rant has issued another intriguing challenge: describe a defining moment in your life in 120 words or less. Her take on the topic is both poignant and hilarious. Let me see if I can do justice to my story about how I became a runner.

Meditations in Motion

It was the early 1980s and the running boom finally came to my small town. Runners seemed to glide effortlessly along streets and sidewalks, nattily dressed in short-shorts and tube socks. I was restless and needed an outlet for an abundance of energy that came from youth. I wanted to run.

Every time I tried, however, I tired after traveling 200 meters. I was dejected. Then I met a woman who was a real runner. She sometimes even ran 10 miles! She told me to go three miles. “I can’t run three miles!” I wailed.

“Not run three miles, go three miles. Walk when you get tired, then start running again.” A light bulb went on. I became a runner.


Exactly 120 words! That was difficult to whittle down.  Thanks for the challenge, Joelle!

I am linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness. If you like running and fitness blogs, check them out here! Their Friday 5 link up features posts that take only 5 minutes (or less, in this case) to read.

Friday 5





  1. Something definitely clicked when I read about the run/walk method. I was never strong at going far distances at a fast pace. Once I started incorporating walking, it felt so much better!

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  2. Wow!! Great job in 120 words! I tend to over explain everything (see, I did it right there) because I want to make sure everyone totally gets what I’m writing about. This gives me something to think about…

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  3. Great story and a very cool writing challenge! I think so many people think you have to run fast to run…just get out there and “go”!

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