Runfessions – April Edition

Meditations in Motion

I am on Grandma duty in Colorado this week, so I only have two brief runfessions for April (forgive me, runners).

Meditations in Motion

I ran a challenging trail half marathon earlier in the month called Buck Ridge Burn. It was a perfect day. I loved the race, I got to run with my hubby and a friend (well, actually several miles behind my speedy friend), and the after-party included live music and good food. I even won my age group. I may have neglected to tell people, however, that I was the only woman in my age group. I runfess!

Meditations in Motion

Later in the month, I ran an even more challenging monster of a race. It was the Hyner View Trail Challenge 25k. I have been trying to clean up my diet lately. I eat yogurt and fruit for breakfast most days, salads for lunch and one (OK, sometimes two) Wilbur bud(s) for dessert.

Meditations in Motion          Meditations in Motion

After the trail race, I scarfed down pizza, a hot dog, barbecued chicken and a home made dessert that was a cross between apple strudel, coffee cake, and heaven. And a beer. Maybe two beers. I runfess.

These are all the runfessions I have for you this month, runners. Back to the toddler! (I confess, I may be prejudiced, but this kid is adorable!)

Meditations in Motion

I am linking up with Marcia’s Healthy Slice for our monthly Runfessions.




  1. That kiddo is adorable! Enjoy grandma duty! I’d be diving into that strudel…just saying. I swear where are these races with magnificent spreads of food? Not in the Chicago area! A friend of mine recently won his age group, but was DFL at the same time. Hey a win is a win! Thanks for linking!

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    • Wow! That is crazy – 1st in AG and DFL! I live in PA. Most trail races around here have great post-race spreads. Thanks, I am enjoying spoiling my grandson this week!


  2. Indeed your grandson is adorable, and I walkfess (since I don’t run) that I envy your grandma status. Not on the near horizon for me yet, and I can’t tell you how many of my friends assure me there is nothing like it 😉

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  3. I eat pretty healthy, but I definitely do not give up all the desserts. I just try to limit them & make them healthier.

    And after a race? You earned it all!

    Congrats on the AG award! Someday maybe I’ll be the only person in my AG.Cause that’s the only way I’m ever gonna win an award! But you deserve it for tackling such a beast of a race! You are a tough cookie.

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