Two Pet Peeves in 120 Words or Less. Is this Possible?

Meditations in Motion

Joelle, at Two On a Rant has issued an intriguing challenge: describe two pet peeves in 120 words or less. I read the britchy one’s post on the topic and Tintins’. Both are hilarious! Now the real challenge begins. How do I narrow all of my many pet peeves down to just two? I write a running-centered blog, so let me focus on running vexations.

Meditations in Motion

Do drivers really not learn the purpose of crosswalk? A crosswalk is to let pedestrians (including runners) cross the street without the fear of being run over by a two-ton vehicle. Pedestrians have the right of way. (Sorry! Did I make you late for your latte?) If I am in a crosswalk, I expect you to stop. Until I cross the street.

Meditations in Motion

If you and I are running on a path, going in opposite directions, we have to pass within one foot of each other. It is incontrovertible that we are both engaged in the same activity. Why not acknowledge each other? I don’t need a lengthy conversation. Just a nod. Or a small wave. Or even a grunt.

119 words. I have 1 word to spare!


  1. It always upsets me when I see someone trying to hurry across a road when they’re not fit to. I want to wind down the window and say take your time but I don’t want to scare them either! I just try to smile or acknowledge them if I catch their eye.

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  2. My goal isn’t to narrow the pp’s down but to deflate them with presence. When you remember that ‘you are’ you automatically feel so thankful! Then all the PP’s that seemed so overwhelming turn into ppp’s (pretty puny problems). I guess it isn’t always easy, but it is worth trying. What can you lose (besides anger)?

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  3. Nice job! And I agree with you on both rants. Luckily I don’t run in areas with crosswalks that often, but I am often using them to get to stores when I’m out & about, and those people who just plow through looking straight ahead, even though I’m crossing, drive me insane.

    And yes to acknowledging that you are not alone in your own little universe. 🙂 Although I will admit, most runners are pretty good about it. But definitely not all.

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