Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Meditations in Motion

One day last week as I was doing a run around my small town, I was struck by the number of these signs I saw in people’s yards. The next time I ran, I decided to count. In a six mile run, I saw 16 of these signs! You might think that I live in a very liberal area like Berkeley, CA. I don’t. I live and run in Lancaster County PA, one of the most conservative areas of the country. Also the refugee capital of the US. We take our religion seriously here. When the Bible says “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me”, the people of Lancaster County act accordingly.

Meditations in Motion

One of the many charming quirks of this area is that there are signs everywhere! On the same run, I also saw 4 of these signs.

People and churches erect religious-themed signs. They range from the thought -provoking……

Meditations in Motion

Meditations in Motion

… the head-scratching.

Meditations in Motion

One of my favorites has always been one located at a church that is at a fork in the road entering town.

Meditations in Motion

All these signs are in addition to the typical real estate, auction, home improvement and political signs that populate the landscape. It’s amazing that I don’t get whiplash from reading all of the signs.

Signs are everywhere. All you have to do is look for them.



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